Get the Most out of Marijuana Vaping with the Right Tools

For today’s cannabis enthusiast, vaporizers have literally become the ubiquitous device. Although they have been around for several decades, the trend has only taken off over the last 10 or so years. As the vaporization benefits have become more known, the types of vaping devices available have also been increasing. Although these vaping devices have gained huge popularity among users, getting one that optimizes your experience can be a nightmare.

There are hundreds of different options when it comes to picking your gadget, and if you are not well informed before making the purchase, you might end up spending a fortune on a device that you will not even contribute to your vaping experience. To avoid that, let’s look at several vital areas you need to focus on as you make your purchase.

What do you Smoke?

Since the development of marijuana concentrates in oil and wax form, marijuana vaporizers have gone through dramatic changes. Because of these changes, it is vital that before you make your purchase, you are certain of the type of product you will be using most of the time. The majority of devices accommodate either concentrates (oils, waxes, etc.) or flowers (dry marijuana herb or trees). Some portable units can accommodate both, and most deluxe desktop models typically feature oil attachments. However, if you love flowers, then it may be advisable to look for a vaping device that works only with dry herbs.

If you vape daily, getting a portable device is obviously a plus for you. However, portable vapes might not give you a strong feeling of medication like you would typically get from a deluxe desktop device.

Convention or Conduction 

Convection vaporizers operate by pushing hot air from the gadget’s heating element through the weed, releasing the vapor without having any direct contact. Most of these devices are pricey, although many users consider them more effective in terms of releasing the cannabinoids. On the other hand, conduction vaporizers are not only easier to maintain, but are also less expensive. They release vapor due to the low heat coming from the vaper’s heating element.

Portable or Stationary 

Today, it seems you can’t walk for long without spotting someone using the pervasive vape pen. These low-cost, handy devices are perfect if you need a few puffs throughout the course of your day. Vape pens use concentrated oil that gets heated up to create a wispy, vapor. If you primarily do your vaping at home, you may want to go for a stationary device, though it’s likely to be pricier.

Needed Accessories

If you want a more superior experience, you may want to consider adding an accessory or two. For your concentrate vaper, consider adding a few skillet tools in case the package doesn’t come with some. Another must-have is a good grinder if you have opted for a flower vape.


Generally, there are 3 types of marijuana vaporizers: portable, desktop, and vape pens. Your choice will largely be dependent on the above highlighted factors. Similar to any investment, ensure you carry out your research. Although nowadays things like warranties come pretty standard when you buy legit vapes, strive to carefully check the fine print!

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