Get LOUD! w/ Slink Johnson and Learn to Trim Your Bud with Hummingbird Medicinals

When Slink Johnson can no longer smoke yours, he decides to hit up his friend Adam at Hummingbird Medicinals to learn how to start growing and smoking his own.
Look below to learn more!

Slink Johnson is the founder and president of the Smoke Yours Crew, but when he experiences a “smoke mine” drought, Slink turns to Adam from Hummingbird Medicinals. Adam agrees to share his smoke if Slink will help manicure some plants, but there’s just one problem: Deloor James beat him to the punch. The Smoke Yours vice president started trimming with Adam days earlier, and he loves being able to lord it over Slink. Hummingbird Medicinals grows its plants in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada foothills, but gorgeous is hardly the word to describe how Slink and Deloor trim buds. Let’s just say Jonny Cochran, Mike Pence and Purple Monkey Balls all make an appearance.

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