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    Get High With Infinite CBD

    Get ready to take your THC experience to the next level with Infinite CBD! Infinite works with all different kinds of cannabinoids. They enhance people’s everyday lives with everything from hemp derived CBD and THC to other ground breaking new actives like Mad Honey and Cordyceps. Here are two “highly” portioned products that will absolutely knock your socks off – Max Effect Nano Syrup and Max Effect Gummies.

    Max Effect Nano Syrup

    Infinite’s Max Effect Nano Syrup is an absolute game-changer that’s going to elevate your THC experience. Infinite’s Nano technology breaks down THC particles into itty bitty molecules that get into your system so much quicker. This syrup is better, it’s faster, and it’s stronger.

    Packed with 31 mg of THC per serving (for a total of 250 mg of THC per bottle), this syrup is the perfect way to get the most potent THC experience possible. It also comes with 250 mg CBD to chill you out while you’re having the high of your life! This Peach flavored syrup is also the most delicious Nano product on the market. It can be put together with other ingredients to enjoy in a variety of ways!

    Max Effect Gummies

    Infinite’s Max Effect Gummies are perfect for those who want to get stoned on the go. Jam packed with 15 mg of THC per gummy, these mouthwatering treats will get you stoned wherever! Made with hemp derived THC, these gummies are available almost everywhere in the United States. They’re a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the park, taking a stroll in the neighborhood, or just sitting on your couch and getting blazed. We also make these gummies in 5mg for those who are newer to THC.


    No matter which THC product you choose, Infinite has got you covered. Infinite is always looking to expand its products and customer base. If you’re looking for hemp derived THC or new and exciting psychoactives then head on over to and start exploring today.

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