How to Get Away With Smoking Weed at Music Festivals | MERRY JANE News

Summertime is on the horizon, and that means music festival season is about to pop off. While you might be under the impression that most festivals will let you smoke up like it was Woodstock ‘69, sorry to break it to you—that’s not the case (and sorry Californians, that goes for you, too.)

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There are laws that festivals have to abide by according to the state they are located. Regardless, smoking marijuana at a music festival is as much a tradition as having to drop last week’s paycheck on their overpriced bottled water. It’s going to happen, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be one of the ones who doesn't get caught.

To make sure you’re as prepared as possible to enjoy your grass and favorite bands, we’ve compiled the top tips to smoke pot at music festivals all season long. From the best places to stash your weed to the proper methods to exhale, we have you covered. Just remember, cops will be waiting to catch people slippin’, so it’s important to be on your best behavior when going to and leaving the festival. Check out our video above before you head out for music and marijuana this summer.

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