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    Fun Things To Do When You’re High Outside

    Sometimes, being high is all about sunshine and rainbows.

    When you’ve exhausted all of your tv and movie viewing options, a great alternative to “getting high and watching tube” is the great outdoors. Whether that means a backyard, park, or simply a city sidewalk, getting outside can be one of the most enjoyable ways to utilize your canna-bliss. Regardless of any stay-at-home orders, here are some safe, socially-distanced outdoor activities to partake in while toasty.

    Visit A Botanical Garden

    One of the most majestic experiences while stoned is being in nature. The vibrant colors, the delightful smells, the hustle and bustle of insects and animals – nature has a way of providing everything you need in any given moment. And best of all, nature is all around us. If you see grass, trees, wide open frontiers, mountains, the ocean or any other element of the world’s natural habitat in your vicinity, you can connect with nature.

    If the area around your home lacks the needed natural accoutrements, Botanical Gardens are a convenient way to experience different plants, animals and terrain all within one location. Best of all, Botanical Gardens can be an inexpensive stoney safe haven, allowing you to be high, experiencing new and different elements of nature on your own terms without being a burden to anyone.

    Enjoy A Walking Adventure

    Being high and outside is liberating, and spending time getting your blood pumping is a great way to maximize your pleasure senses. Walking is an easy and effective way to embrace a stoney Saturday, while also enjoying ever-changing scenery. And, it’s free!

    What’s also cool about walking is that you can plan your smoke sesh around your walk. If you’re driving to the beach paths, wait to blaze until you get there. Or, just leave your house! You don’t even need a destination. Being high and walking provides an opportunity to explore new and different parts of your community. You can even get high and walk to get food! Don’t forget to keep a joint or vape handy if you need a refresh along your journey.

    Hike Unique Trails

    If you enjoy a little more mystery to your “high and outside” experience, look no further than hiking. Hiking allows you to immerse yourself in nature in its purest form, while also providing you some solace if you prefer to journey solo. Hikes can also be great with a friend, which makes hiking one of the more popular activities to do whilst stoned, since there are many versions of what a hike can look like. You can hike to a lake and go swimming, you can hike to a clearing and meditate, or you can hike a more mountainous area and look for fossils. While all of these journeys can be by yourself or with company, the most important part about hiking while high is to make the experience your own.

    Straight Up Relax

    If cardio isn’t really your thing, an early morning tee-time can be a phenomenal excuse for a wake-and-bake. Golfing while stoned can also calm the nerves, so your performance might also get a boost while you’re breathing fresh air on the green.

    There’s also a bunch of other easy, low-key ways to enjoy the outdoors with minimal effort while you’re high. These include: posting up in a hammock, having a “sit” on an outdoor chair or patio, catching rays poolside, catching rays at the beach, fishing, packing a picnic lunch in the park, or lounging in your backyard looking up at the clouds.



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