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    From Fast Cars to Fast Dabs. The Story of the dabX Go

    The 3 key components in a combustible engine are fuel, spark and airflow. As a race car driver, every minute that isn’t spent on the track is spent tweaking, testing and tuning these three variables of an engine again and again..The best racers have the fastest cars and the fastest cars have perfected the balance of fuel, spark and airflow better than the others

    Christian Rado was a race car driver, a really fast race car driver holding over 28 world and track records during his 17 year racing career. As he transitioned out of racing he founded world motorsports which became one of the premier automotive shops in Southern California. People from all over the world still send their exotic sports cars to get every last drop of horsepower out of their engine. (I swear were getting to the part about dabs really soon)

    Christian also really really loved to smoke weed; so when during his fathers battle with cancer, He lost the ability to take pain meds, dabbing seemed like a perfect way to help with some relief. Unfortunately everything on the market was horribly inefficient, inconvenient and in most cases straight up toxic.

    He used the same machines used for creating performance manifolds for Lamborghinis to produce the early prototype vaporizers that would eventually get to where we are today. It turns out that a dab device and a racecar engine are very similar in that mastering the perfect combination of Fuel, spark and airflow can really perfect the dabbing experience and solve almost all of the problems of every other e-rig on the market today.


    The dabX Go is a culmination of over 7 years of R&D perfecting those 3 components.


    In the first phase the heating plate gently brings your concentrate up to melting temperature allowing it to flow into the center of the atomizer. This keeps your terps from getting burnt and gets your dab ready to be vaporized. After 15 seconds the battery will buzz to let you know your dab is at your desired consumption temperature. 



    As soon as you begin drawing from the device the vaporization begins. As concentrate is vaporized the heating plate feeds more concentrate into the vapor zone. This also means that you can pack the atomizer with multiple dabs of concentrate without wasting any product. 



    Unlike every other dab device on the planet, when you start your dab you’re drawing freshly created vapor up instead of pulling it through. This means freshly created vapor only passes through glass and water before getting to you.   The vapor is never dragged through reclaim, silicone or anything else that will affect the taste of your dab. Because air is sucking up from the bottom of the device there is also way less reclaim (which comes out the bottom) and no wasted vapor.

    Quality and reliability are the core components of every device made by dabX.  If you are new to concentrates; there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran, the dabx Go will change the way you dab forever.


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