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    Find Your Zen: Weed & Meditation

    Getting high is fantastic, but what about getting higher? If you’re looking for an elevated experience while exploring your inner truths, combining weed with meditation is a great way to increase the introspective power of your puffs.

    Crafting Your Mindset

    The first step to achieving an elevated bliss is choosing an intention. What are you looking to get out of your meditative experience? Stress relief? A deeper understanding of the world around you? Mental clarity? Knowing what you hope to gain will allow you to best chart your course for a more enriching, mindful meditation session. Set your intention and then bring that focus with you when you start your breathwork.

    Choosing Your Cannabis

    Next, select your buds! Choose a strain of cannabis that will help fuel your spiritual side for an added Mario-mushroom powerup into the higher heavens. Like with setting your intention, you’ll want to select a strain that is aligned – and can aid – with the overall goals of your meditative experience. For example, if you’re meditating in the middle of the day and are looking to achieve a mid-day reset of higher-consciousness clarity, choose an energizing Sativa to accompany your session, one that will keep you moving afterward, rather than induce a crash. If your time to meditate is more toward the end of the day and your intention is to relax into a higher state, an Indica might be more helpful to get you there, while simultaneously setting the stage for a more relaxing slumber. The main thing when selecting your buds for meditation is to keep the effects of the herb aligned with your meditation goals.

    Selecting Your Setting

    The third step to achieving an elevated mediation session with cannabis is to mindfully maneuver yourself to a location conducive to your meditation intention. (If you’re noticing an “alignment” pattern here, it’s because in order to achieve the highest of highs, it helps to have all factors of your meditative experience firing in the same direction). Ideally – across the board – your setting will be calm, quiet and peaceful, but we understand that’s not always possible. In the absence of any true personal solace, finding a place where you can smoke alone without disturbances should suffice. If you have the luxury of being more selective, it might help to designate a specific area or spot in your dwelling or office as a “meditation area.” This will not only get you in the habit of embarking on your higher-level journey with more frequency, it will train your mind, body and soul to more quickly feel inner peace when you’re present in your special spot.

    Blasting Off

    You’ve set your intention. You’ve chosen your cannabis. It’s now time to smoke! Before popping in your headphones, pressing play on any guided meditation or starting whatever breathwork you’ve chosen, take a few hits of your carefully curated herb. Depending on your tolerance and how high you’re looking to elevate, this quantity will differ from person to person, with the obvious rule of thumb that the more you smoke, the higher you’ll be – and thus the greater opportunity you’ll have to ascend to the great depths of your being and beyond. Once the buzz starts to hit, sit back, breathe deep, and begin your elevated journey to a higher high and higher consciousness.


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