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    Featured Dispensary – Farnsworth Fine Cannabis in Massachussets

    Farnsworth Fine Cannabis in Massachussets

    Farnsworth Fine Cannabis is a brand based in Great Barrington, MA. Farnsworth aims to make cannabis easy, elegant, and for everyone by creating a luxury retail experience and high-quality products.
    Farnsworth is family-owned & operated, and allows that ethos to drive our customer experience. Make a one-on-one appointment with a dedicated team member for a more personalized experience or drop in to visit our museum quality showroom. We’ve taken the strain out of picking a strain, offering our flower in filtered cannabis cigarettes blended into three distinct effects. Light, Classic and Bold. Easy as 1-2-3.
    Another of our distinguishing attributes amongst the Great Barrington dispensaries is Farnsworth Fine Cannabis’ exclusive and curated product selection. Brothers Alexander and Brayden Farnsworth have travelled the world to bring guests a retail offering like none other. You will find vintage smoking accessories from Hermès, Cartier, DuPont and Tiffany’s, special artist commissions, crystal pipes, limited edition bongs, and one-of-a-kind items like Jack Kerouac’s desk lighter.

    Reinventing the Dispensary Experience

    While Architectural Digest described Farnsworth as, “one of the most stylish dispensaries in the country,” we would argue that it simply is the most stylish … in the world. Entering most dispensaries is a decidedly unpleasant experience – more akin to entering a backroom poker game than a retail environment. At Farnsworth Fine Cannabis, guests enter through glass doors into a light filled lobby and are greeted by one of our friendly cannabis concierges. The showroom itself combines ancient symmetries with clean contemporary displays. Everything is easy to find and the check out process is as efficient as possible.
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