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    Favorite Dispensaries for 710

    Find the perfect birthday present for your loved ones by exploring these favorite dispensaries. With their exceptional products, knowledgeable staff, and unique gift options, these dispensaries are ideal for shopping. From a wide selection of cannabis strains and infused edibles to CBD products and stylish accessories, these dispensaries offer a variety of thoughtful and personalized birthday gifts that are sure to make your loved ones’ special day even more memorable.


    The Brand: Conveniently located Between Denver and Colorado Springs, Alpine Essentials is a
    must-see dispensary. Shoppers can expect a unique, high-end retail experience that has been carefully curated to be unlike anywhere else in the state. You’ll be able to find Colorado’s finest quality cannabis flower, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls, and much more. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help novice and experienced cannabis consumers find the right products at the right price.

    The Product: At Alpine they take extreme care to only grow the highest quality cannabis, starting
    every new genetic from seed. They breed in house and are constantly going through extensive pheno-hunts to select the best possible plants and create exclusive genetic lines. Recently they decided to team up with El Sol Labs to process two of their favorite in-house strains (Cosmic Colada and LA Chem Cake) into a clean and terpy wax to sell in their recreational dispensary.

    Gift Here: Alpine

    Lux Leaf

    The Brand: Lux Leaf provides one of the best dispensary shopping experiences in the world. Our digital menu boards display each one of our 500+ different products available at any point in time. Expertly trained budtenders are at your service to help you find the perfect product to suit your needs, with the best customer service in retail. Lastly our beautifully crafted and designed shops are sure to lift your mood and send you away feeling refreshed.

    The Product: Lux Leaf Carries a wide array of products with something available for everyone. From CBD Oils to high quality ounces and concentrates Lux Leaf can hook you up. Our highly educated budtenders are experts on brightening your mood and sending you off with the perfect product for you.

    Gift Here: Lux Leaf

    Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary

    The Brand: Regarded as one of Las Vegas’ finest cannabis establishments, Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary is a stunning world-class dispensary that offers impeccable customer service and a wide array of high-quality cannabis products for medical patients and adult recreational users. Jardín – “garden” in Spanish – was designed to be a destination and to elevate the dispensary experience by offering a unique luxury environment, while at the same time creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for our diverse clientele. The authenticity and warmth of our highly trained team members has made Jardín a draw for locals, tourists and celebrities alike.

    The Product: “The Red Shark” ; Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic 1971 novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and its classic 1988 film adaption starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro, the “Red Shark” glass rig is a one-of-a-kind artistic creation. The Red Shark, a truly stunning example of glass artistry, was created at Classic 33 Studio & Ziggy’s Smoke Shop in Orange County as a collaboration between world-class glass artists Hoobs (@hoobsglass), Carsten (@carstenglass10), Coyle (@coylecondenser), Malaquias (@malaquiasglass), and Rocko (@rockoglass). The intricate details of this fully functional glass rig, modeled from Hunter S. Thompson’s personal “Red Shark” Chevrolet Caprice convertible, are astonishing. This piece is a true homage to Thompson’s drug-fueled visits to Las Vegas in the spring of 1971 that inspired him to write Fear and Loathing, an early retrospective on the 1960s counterculture, which became his most famous literary work. This magnificent piece can only be seen at Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas, and if you are a serious art lover, it can be added to your personal collection for a modest $250,000.

    Gift Here: Jardin

    Be Same

    The Brand: Our mission is to provide accessible quality cannabis products that are easy on the wallet and heavy on the experience. We only want to deliver the best damn cannabis products to YOU

    Gift Here: Be Same

    Sun Crafted

    Suncrafted is a fully integrated cannabis company that focuses on delivering the highest quality sungrown cannabis products in a sustainable format to patients and customers alike. With a focus on solventless concentrates, Suncrafted aims to be the best in class for hash and rosin products in the state of MA. The budtenders at Suncrafted are knowledgeable, helpful, and ready to assist you with any of your cannabis needs.


    The Brand: Pegasus Green utilizes its state of the art cultivation technology and master cultivators to produce premium, indoor grown flower. We pride ourselves on fostering the perfect growing conditions resulting in flavorful, fresh cannabis. Two of our Pegasus Buds have captured titles at cannabis competitions for the last two years!

    The Product: Our Garlic Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that captured 1st prize at Hash Bash in 2022! This strain features a pungent and savory flavor profile that may remind you of freshly-peeled garlic with spicy undertones. Garlic Breath produces physically relaxing effects that gradually become sedating as you continue to consume. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia, stress and depression.

    Gift Here: Pegasus

    West Coast Meds

    The Brand:  We are a one stop shop for your growing needs. We have over 10 years of experience in setting up over 100 grow facilities throughout the United States.

    The Product: Get your most essential  Hydro needs direct from our warehouse. We are a one stop shop for your growing needs. We have over 10 years of experience in setting up over 100 grow facilities throughout the United States. We have a team that will get the best pricing for all your equipment,  put it all together for a turnkey operation. We have been in business for over 25 years in the wholesaling  of wireless technology to the transition of medical marijuana grow facilities.

    Gift Here: West Coast Meds

    Nova Farms

    The Brand: Nova Farms is easily the #1 Recreational Retailer in Massachusetts. Nova Farms is a privately owned, vertically integrated cannabis operator that opened its doors on Memorial Day 2020. Since then, it has grown significantly, establishing multiple dispensaries across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Jersey and an indoor farm in Rhode Island. Nova Farms is led by influential leaders, including CEO Derek Ross, who has a background as a Cannabis Consultant, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the company.

    The Product: Nova Farms has established itself as a leader in the cannabis industry, offering top-quality products highly sought by cannabis lovers including: Southie Adams, Hashables, Zzzonked Sleepy Gummies, Sticky Fish, and Rezzy. As a leading cannabis retailer as well as manufacturer, Nova Farms offers various award-winning brands that cater to cannabis consumers. Nova Farms is committed to providing cannabis customers with the best possible experience and the diverse range of award-winning brands under its umbrella reflects this commitment

    Gift Here: Nova Farms

    Green Gold Group

    The Brand: Green Gold Group is a family owned and operated cannabis company established in 2015 as a Medical Use Program. We opened our first dispensary in Charlton in 2019 and launched recreational in 2020. Since our founding, we have been proud to be a community-focused company – working closely with our local partners to ensure safe, regulated access to cannabis.

    The Product: Green Gold has an extensive menu of cannabis products with award winning flower & pre-rolls, premium live resin vapes, & delectable edibles. We have over 20 strains of flower so you can bet we have something for everyone.

    Gift Here: Green Gold Group

    Gold Leaf

    The Brand: GOLDLEAF is Maryland’s premiere luxury cannabis dispensary, going above and beyond to provide our guests with value, service, and the finest amenities. Voted a top dispensary in the country by USA today anyone over the age of 21 can now experience GOLDLEAF. Adult-use customers can enjoy 20% off their first visit.

    The Product: With over 600 various products of cannabis flowers, glassware and apparel, Gold Leaf is the largest dispensary of its kind. We offer Indica and Sativa hybrids, CBD oils, edibles, topicals and so much more. Visit us for in-store shopping and pick-up options or be part of our growing customer list for quick and accurate deliveries. We proudly serve all our clients in and surrounding Annapolis, MD and we look forward to helping you soon!

    Gift Here: Gold Leaf


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