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    Everything You Need To Know About Hash

    You’ve heard the word “hash” thrown around in reference to cannabis, but the only correlation you can make is to “hashbrowns” as an awesome snack to cook up when you’re blitzed. Here we give you the 411 on hash and what it’s all about.

    What Is Hash?

    One of the oldest forms of marijuana, Hash, also known as “Hashish,” is a cannabis concentrate that’s created from the compression of a marijuana plant’s resin glands to form a hardened substance. The main difference between weed and hash is that weed generally refers to dried cannabis nugs, whereas hash generally refers to the aforementioned concentrate. Hash typically exists as a brownish brick or slab that can be broken down and rolled into tiny pieces or sprinkled on top of buds. The process for producing hash itself dates back to as early as 10th century Middle East, when resin powder was collected from harvested cannabis plants, a method that’s still employed in certain areas of the world to this day.

    Where Does It Come From?

    Originating in the Middle East and East Asia, hash is still produced around this region, with a ton of production coming from Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco and Lebanon. However, given widespread legalization efforts in the United States and other North American territories, production of hash is increasing dramatically in these areas. With the explosion of the cannabis concentrate market in recent years, the ability to purchase and consume hash has never been as easy as the present moment.

    How Do You Make It?

    The two main types of hash are dry sift hash and ice water hash – or bubble hash – as it’s commonly known today, and unless you’re a grower, you probably won’t be making any at home. But for those inclined to try, here’s what you know:

    Dry Sift Hash

    For the dry sift method, you first need to freeze your nugs to as low a temperature as possible, which allows the trichomes to easily break away from the plant. Next, place your frozen nugs on a screen and begin breaking up the buds by gently spreading them over the screen with your hands. The cannabinoids then collect in a basin below the screen, which you’ll then need to scrape together and press into a brick. This can be accomplished using a mini hydraulic press.

    Bubble Hash

    For the bubble hash method, a similar process is followed to the dry sift, except instead of breaking up the nugs over a screen by hand, you’re exposing the nugs to ice water or dry ice and shaking them up in a sieve or “bubble bag.” The cannabinoids then collect at the bottom of the sieve, which you then press into a brick of hash.

    Not only are both methods for making hash time consuming, they will also cost you several hundred dollars to purchase the proper equipment. You’re better off purchasing a hash concentrate at your favorite pot shop.

    How Do You Smoke It?

    The easiest and most popular way to consume hash is to either sprinkle it on top of flower when rolling a joint, or sprinkling it on top of your flower when you’re smoking a bong or bowl. Simply spark up as you normally would to enjoy a heightened high that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of cannabis’ effects.

    Alternative methods of hash consumption include dabbs and smoking hash directly from a pipe or bowl without the flower. For hash dabbs, you’ll want to use a dabb rig as you would for any other concentrate, and for smoking out of a pipe or bowl, you’ll want to add a wire mesh screen to prevent any of the concentrate from accidentally pulling through.


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