Ganja Yoga LA

October 30

Purple Lotus Pergola

4805 Monte Vista St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Connect Powerfully. Feel Deeply. Set Yourself Free. Marisa integrates intention setting, yoga, movement, laughter, mantras, music, sound healing, and breathwork to create a space for both personal and community journey work, as well as sacred play. Feel deeply as you access your truest self and connect powerfully with an extraordinary community with this uniquely guided practice. We come together to be enchanted by the magic of the cannabis plant. MEET OUR GUEST HEALER: ARDEN LEIGH

Arden Leigh is the creator of The Re-Patterning Project and frontwoman of indie rock band Arden and the Wolves. She’s also a magickal practitioner and for this special All Hallows’ Eve edition of Ganja Yoga while the veil is thin, she will be sharing the simple yet life-changing practice of sigil magick. Each participant will get a chance to put an intention into a sigil and launch it during the workshop! We encourage you to dress as witchy or spooky as you like for the occasion while remaining comfortable. You can learn more about Arden at or find Arden and the Wolves on all music streaming platforms.

*** This is a 21+ event.
***Please take either a Lyft or Uber so that you can get home safely.


+ Yoga mat
+ Water bottle with lid
+ Layers of comfortable clothing (since we’ll be outside)
+ BYO Cannabis to smoke in the form of joint or pipe, your choice. (Due to legal reasons, guests must bring their own cannabis. I recommend a hybrid sun-grown flower. We do not eat edibles because of the amount of time it takes for it to kick in.)