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[event-cat link=”#” img=”3611″ alt=”Music” title=”Music”] Intimate house concerts, major music festivals, and the occasional dance party [/event-cat]
[event-cat img=”3612″ alt=”Food & Drink” title=”Food & Drink”]Dinner parties, tastings, and big-time festivals [/event-cat]
[event-cat img=”3621″ alt=”Classes” title=”Classes” link=”#”] Enlightening seminars, technical workshops, and fitness classes[/event-cat]
[event-cat img=”3623″ alt=”Arts” title=”Arts”] Plays, comedy nights, art exhibitions and film festivals[/event-cat]
[event-cat img=”3624″ alt=”Parties” title=”Parties” link=”#”] Casual happy hours, singles nights, and all-night celebrations[/event-cat]
[event-cat img=”3625″ alt=”Sports & Wellness” title=”Sports & Wellness”]Obstacle races, drop-in yoga classes, and the big game[/event-cat]
[event-cat link=”#” img=”3629″ alt=”Networking” title=”Networking”] Business mixers, hobby meetups, and panel discussions[/event-cat]