Enhanced Orgasms with Weed

Can Cannabis enhance your orgasms, ladies? Studies and a lot of women say yes, yes it can. So what is it about smoking pot before sex or masturbating that makes your orgasms feel even more amazing? It’s no secret that 1 out 3 women find it difficult to achieve an orgasm during sex, so we turn to cannabis.



For one, cannabis can really relax you and keep your mind away from negative thoughts. If you smoke up before intercourse, then you’re highly likely to become very confident and comfortable with yourself, your partner, and even with dirty talk. It will put you in a sensual and playful mood with the addition of relieving any anxiety, stress, or pain. On a side note, if you don’t have a partner, then there’s no shame in masturbating because women have to masturbate, it’s actually very healthy for them. It helps avoid any infections in the cervix and urinary tract system and improves pelvic base strength and cardiovascular health.



Many people believe that high sex is probably like drunk sex, but it’s nowhere near that. When you’re drunk, the alcohol will slow down your cognitive side, your thinking and processing side, and the sexual part of your brain remains untouched, so you just don’t give a shit about what or who you’re doing. Plus, when you’re drunk there’s a higher chance you’d stop mid-sex to go hurl. However, when you’re high, the THC will immediately enter your bloodstream and stimulate or increase testosterone production and level, making you consciously turned on and aware. The THC affects an area in your brain called thalamus which is correlated to arousal and desire.



The major benefits of smoking up before indulging in coitus is it helps people get out of their head, more in tune with their body, less inhibited, more sensual and sensitive, sexually creative, time feels much longer, heightened intensity, and relieves tension. Cannabis is also an aphrodisiac and has been for umpteen years, it’s very healthy for a couple to share, once it’s brought into the bedroom it’ll help you and your partner feel more connected to each other. Some women even prefer an edible prior anything sexual, they say having an edible before is even more of a pleasurable orgasm experience than just a stoned one.



However, for some people, smoking up before intercourse is a big no-no because they could over consume and become paranoid or too self-conscious, or worse, too tired. Just like we get cotton mouth, it’s possible that some women can get cotton vagina because too much THC could dry up the mucous membrane and cause a lack of vaginal wetness. Whereas for men, they could get a stoner boner (flaccid), unable to achieve an orgasm, achieve premature ejaculation or vice versa.



Initially it comes down to the woman, only she can determine if her sexual drive is heightened when she’s high or not, but hell it’s worth a try. So now the question remained, what strain should women smoke to achieve their best orgasms? With a sativa, it can contract your muscles which would improve sexual performance. With an indica, many people have sworn that the effects are extraordinary and was the best sex of their life. The best answer would be a balanced out hybrid, do some digging around and see which hybrid tingles you in the right way.

Strains to try prior sex:

Hybrid strains: Sour Diesel, Skunk XL, Kali Dog, Cherry Pie, Holy Grail Kush

Sativa strains: Super Silver Haze, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Lemon Jack, Moby Dick, Candyland

Indica strains: Blue Cheese, Northern Lights, Big Bang, Yoda OG, King Louis XIII

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