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    Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Cookies x G Pen Connect

    Are you tired of the same old smoking routine? Ready to take your smoking experience to new heights? Look no further than the Cookies x G Pen Connect, a revolutionary device that will redefine the way you enjoy your favorite herbs. After trying this game-changing accessory, you’ll wonder how you ever smoked without it.

    Cookies is the biggest name in Cannabis today. Founded by Berner, another member of Taylor Gang Entertainment – the story is one of grit and determination and a piece of industry history.

    Berner began working in the industry at age 18 at a San Francisco dispensary named The Hemp Center. In the early 2000s he befriended a cultivator named Jai Chang (a.k.a. “Jigga”), who developed a strain of cannabis that he named “Girl Scout Cookies”. The strain became so popular and well known that the duo received a cease and desist from the Girl Scouts (USA), prompting them to rename their brand “Cookies”.

    Wiz liked the brand and strain so much that he soon began mentioning Cookies in his rap songs, while Berner wore clothing bearing a Cookies logo in music videos that he appeared in. Berner went on to develop a line of Cookies clothing wear and opened his first Cookies clothing store in San Francisco in 2015. The first Cookies cannabis dispensary followed in 2018. By 2022 the number of dispensaries had grown to 49, to go along with clothing stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. In August 2022, Berner was the first cannabis executive to be featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine since it launched in 1917. Needless to say, G Pen is a proud partner of Cookies and has made not only the Connect, but an entire line-up of Cookies branded accessories… but this article is about why the Connect needs to be in your arsenal of smoking accoutrement. 

    First and foremost, the Cookies x G Pen Connect boasts cutting-edge technology that ensures a smooth and consistent smoking experience. The device is easy to use, making it perfect for both seasoned smokers and newcomers alike. Just attach it to your favorite water pipe, load your concentrates, and press a button to activate it. It is compatible with 14mm water pieces with 10mm and 18mm attachments available for purchase separately.

    The battery life of the Cookies x G Pen Connect is impressive, ensuring that you can enjoy multiple sessions without the need for constant recharging. 

    Say goodbye to traditional smoking methods that leave you with a harsh aftertaste and irritated throat. The Cookies x G Pen Connect revolutionizes the way you smoke, delivering a clean and pure vapor that allows you to appreciate the full spectrum of flavor in your flower.

    The Cookies x G Pen Connect is a must-have for any smoker who values quality, innovation, and style. Elevate your smoking experience and make a statement with this exceptional device. Don’t miss out on the future of smoking – get your Cookies x G Pen Connect today and experience a new level of satisfaction.



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