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    Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with Designer Pre-Rolled Cones

    Do you want to elevate your smoking experience with something beautiful? Look no further than our Beautiful Burns pre-rolled cones.

    For far too long, cannabis has been viewed as a trashy and taboo topic. This negative perception has caused many people to feel embarrassed or remain quiet about their cannabis use. 

    Enter Beautiful Burns. We believe that the stigmas surrounding cannabis are not only unfair, but also harmful. By perpetuating negative stereotypes about cannabis users, we are only further isolating and marginalizing the many people who benefit from its use around the world. That’s why we strive to change the perception of cannabis by creating a product that is both beautiful and high-quality. 

    We believe that by elevating the smoking experience, we can help to break down the barriers and negative stereotypes associated with cannabis and create a more inclusive and accepting culture.

    We’re passionate about bringing fashion, elegance, and class to the world of cannabis. We believe that smoking cannabis can be a beautiful and enjoyable experience, and our pre-rolled cones are the perfect way to elevate your smoking experience.

    One thing that sets us apart from other pre-rolled cone companies is our focus on design. We believe that smoking cannabis should be an elegant and sophisticated experience, and our cones reflect that. Our designer rolling paper comes in a variety of stunning patterns and colors, making each smoking session a unique and fashionable experience.

    We also use metallic foil tips on our cones, adding a touch of luxury to your smoking experience. The tips not only look great, but they also provide a smooth and comfortable smoking experience, without altering the taste of the product your smoking.

    The Quality Of Beauty

    While beauty stands at our core, we also believe that our customers deserve the best, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our products meet our high standards.

    We take pride in using only the finest materials in our products. Our rolling paper is made from palm pulp and hemp, and our inks are edible and based off of hemp and soy seed oil. This attention to detail ensures that our cones not only look great, but also deliver a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

    Our cones are also lab tested, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that is safe. 

    Smoke a blunt, change a life.

    In a world where cannabis consumption was seen as controversial, Beuaitful Burns set out to change the game. Our company wasn’t just focused on creating the best pre-rolled cones on the market, but on doing so in a way that was equally ethical and beautiful.

    It all began in the Philippines, where the company’s founder had a vision to create a product that would elevate the cannabis experience. With a passion for design and a commitment to sustainability, weknew that we could create something truly special.

    We gathered a team of skilled workers, mainly women from the local community, and set to work. Together, we experimented with different materials, tested and retested their products until they were perfect, and poured our hearts into every cone we made.

    Our company evolved into something that went far beyond crafting a product or making a profit – we strived to give back to our community.  Our company now provides jobs to hundreds of people in the Philippines. We’re proud to have helped families move out of hardship and improve their quality of life, working better paid jobs under ethical working conditions, unlike many others in this country.

    By purchasing our pre-rolled cones, you’re not just getting a beautiful and high-quality product – you’re also supporting a company that cares about its employees and its community.

    Why Choose Beautiful Burns?

    • Quality: Our cones are made from the best materials and are lab tested to ensure the highest quality.
    • Design: Our designer rolling paper and metallic foil tips make each smoking session a unique and fashionable experience.
    • Sustainability: We use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our cones, so you can feel good about your purchase.
    • Community: By purchasing our cones, you’re supporting a company that provides jobs and helps families in the Philippines.
    • Experience: Smoking cannabis should be an elegant and sophisticated experience, and our cones reflect that.


    At our core, we believe that beauty, elegance, and class should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or lifestyle. That’s why we created our pre-rolled cones, to bring a touch of luxury to the world of cannabis and to make the smoking experience a truly special one.

    If you’re looking for a pre-rolled cone company that provides beautiful and high-quality products while also making a positive impact on the community, look no further. Our designer rolling paper, metallic foil tips, and commitment to sustainability and community make our cones the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look beautiful, elevate their cannabis experience and make a positive impact on the smoking community and beyond.


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