The Efficacy of Cannabidiol in Treating Brain Injuries

With several medicinal qualities, it’s no surprise that Marijuana is used in treating brain injuries. Scientists have discovered that taking cannabidiol (CBD) pills or vaping the cannabis ingredient can go a long way in alleviating symptoms associated with several brain diseases. And unlike THC, CBD does not cause intoxication. Here’s everything you need to know about the use of cannabidiol in treating brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries and Cannabidiol

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by a hard blow to the head. A mild injury causes temporary disruption of brain function while serious injuries could lead to bleeding and tear of brain tissue. This leads to complications such as nerve damage, seizures, communication and behavioral problems. Physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea and vomiting are also common in individuals who suffer from TBI. Cannabidiol has been proven to protect the brain after such an injury, reducing damage and easing symptoms caused by the injury.

Cannabidiol touch down

While the lives of professional athletes seem glamorous, that’s not always the case. Many of them in sports such as football and soccer are particularly susceptible traumatic brain injuries due the nature of their career. They suffer from CTE, a degenerative condition caused by repetitive brain trauma. The condition is characterized by persistent migraines, memory loss, aggression, and confusion among other symptoms. CBD could be beneficial to them as it can treat and prevent concussions. That’s why some professional athletes’ are lobbying sports organizations to fund further research on the use of cannabidiol to treat brain injuries.

How CBD works

CBD imitates endocannabinoids which are produced by the body and used in reducing brain inflammation caused by brain injuries. When the brain suffers from traumatic injuries, it stops producing the substance. In such cases, CBD acts as a replacement by reducing further damage and facilitating quick recovery. It also reduces pain caused by such injuries.

Not only do these conditions devastate their victims, they also change relationship dynamics between the patients and their family members. People who suffer from the AD lose their memory and completely change their personalities. CBD is also used in slowing down and preventing brain damage caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This will help ageing population across the world.


Cannabidiol can also be used to prevent brain injuries caused by epilepsy. This will prevent harm to the brain that is usually common in younger children, and is associated with cognitive and psychiatric conditions that reduce the victim’s quality of life.

Brain tumors

Scientists are looking into ways in which cannabidiol could be used to treat non-cancerous and cancerous brain tumors.  The CBD pills should be able to treats symptoms associated with tumors such as memory problems, headaches, weakness, behavioral problems and problems with balance.


Cannabidiol could potentially be very helpful in treating several brain injuries. More studies will help scientists understand how to best use the cannabis compound to help people who suffer from such injuries. Flexible laws on growing and using marijuana will also help people understand how CBD interacts with other components in the human body.



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