Effective Ways to Market Your Marijuana Businesses Legally

Even in states that have enacted legislations for the regulation of the cannabis industry, there are still stringent laws that relates to marketing and sale of marijuana. Besides the state regulations, a number of marketing channels still shun advertising of marijuana-related products due to the fact that marijuana is classified as a Class 1 drug.

The stringent regulation of where, whom, and how to advertise cannabis make it quite daunting to market cannabis-related products legally. There are, therefore, limited opportunities for many marijuana investors to engage with their clients and to effectively build their brand awareness.

So what can you do to reach and build the marijuana audience that your brand hopes to attract?

Mobile App Advertising

Unless your marijuana business has a dedicated mobile app, most states will never allow you to run any form of mobile advertising.  However, with a dedicated mobile app, you can easily distribute your advertising campaigns to your target audience provided they are 21 years of age (and older). The only limitation is that your advert will not be distributed to people outside your mobile application audience.

Group Messaging

Group messaging, especially via SMS has been proven to leverage on economies of scale and to save time and money. Although businesses within the regulated marijuana industry may never grow to the size of bigger players with SMS messaging services such as coca-cola and Walmart, group messaging is less time consuming and cheaper than reaching customers individually.

Sponsoring Events

Another excellent way to advertise your marijuana business without running into problems with local authorities is capitalizing on event sponsorships. You can sponsor sporting and charity events and in between promote your business. The only thing to remember when you opt for this advertising option is that you are not allowed to advertise your sponsorship to underage groups.

Promotional Products

With the many marijuana marketing restrictions, promo products remain one of the versatile marketing tools that you can exploit. Branded t-shirts, scarves, hats, and other apparel aren’t covered in many states’ marijuana regulations, and are thus currently permissible. You can take your marijuana business to another level by taking advantage of this loophole.

However, you need to remember that handling your cannabis-branded promo items to anyone you happen to meet is never a smart move.  You shouldn’t also promote your business to underage groups.

So where can you safely handle your promo items? More marijuana trade shows and conferences are popping up, most of which have minimum age entry requirements. Your promo items will fit there! Customers inside your store are also excellent targets.


While the marijuana industry is severely limited in relation to the type of marketing it can utilize, there are still several tactics that you can implement to legally boost your brand’s awareness. You only need to be creative to ensure that you are complying with your states’ marijuana related regulations. It is also critical to stay up-to-date with the various advertising rules and regulations as changes could occur in future.




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