DOOBIE TALK EPISODE #4 [The Entrepreneur Spirit & Business Simplicity

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back for this weeks episode of The Doobie Talk Podcast! This week we hit topics from Las Vegas robberies to Erin’s entrepreneur mentality, filled out with a bunch of random banter. We really appreciate the positive feedback! Anything you want to ask us be sure to comment below!! 0-15:30: Intro banter/Vegas robbery/experiences 15:30-23:40: Clipper game/new books 23:40-26:50: Jab jab right hook/Is your business model current? 26:50-29:35: DBAs/business paperwork 29:35-33:35: Daily rituals/waiting or forcing creativity 33:35-42:47: Automation/creating a low maintenance business/making things less complicated/being practical and trusting yourself 42:55-54:38: Entrepreneur mentality/running w/your passion/loving the growth of business 54:38-57:47: Multiple businesses from learning/find your formula 57:47-1:05:00: Best part about owning a business/the future of Highrise

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