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    Windsor DePot Shop


    25 Depot Avenue, Windsor, Vermont 05089, United States

    Business Hours:
    Monday-Friday 10-7
    Saturday 10-6
    Sunday 10-4


    • We strive to provide a safe, fun and informative cannabis buying experience.

      We love what we do and love to share what we know with others! We are proud of the products we offer and are glad to be able to bring quality cannabis to the people.

    • We have an amazing team!

      Our team is here to provide you with an informative, fun and comfortable cannabis buying experience.


    Do you have a phone number?

    No, but you can reach us through the message portal on our website

    Do you take cards?

    No, we are cash only. We have ATMs on site!

    Do you sell cartridges?

    Yes, we have a variety of strains, with more to come.

    Do you sell concentrates?

    Not yet, but they are coming soon!

    What’s your highest THC?

    That answer varies by inventory. The menu on our website provides THC levels of each strain. Keep in mind however that THC is not always the most important factor. Come in to see and smell the bud to make your best decision!


    From customers

    Linda G.

    Verrified Buyer

    Hands down the most cozy dispensary I’ve ever been to

    The ambiance is homey, warmly lit, professional and welcoming. They have a great selection to choose from. It is clear that the owner and staff really care about the presentation of the product, and making sure you are a well informed consumer. The staff are really helpful when you have any questions. Product is displayed in attractive and well lit cases, so you know what you’re getting when you ask for it. I am very happy with my purchase, and for making time in my day to stop in today. I plan to come back to this amazing jem of a shop in Windsor.

    Looking forward to seeing this business thrive and take Windsor Vt to a higher level!

    Leah C.

    Verrified Buyer

    The staff is great!!

    I love this shop...I will always give them my business!! They have a great selection and when I'm looking for something specific they always point me in the right direction!

    Marissa P.

    Verrified Buyer

    Friendly staff, amazing products, cute shop

    I love that they write down everything they have available on a white board for easy viewing. There’s an ATM on site which is super helpful & they have fair prices!

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