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    The Herbivore Inc.


    709 California Blvd.
    Napa, CA 94559

    (844) 627-2283

    Tues - Sun: 11:00AM - 7:00PM

    About Us

    The Herbivore is the quintessential expression of Napa Valley’s ‘soil-to-guest’ cannabis experience. We are the only Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary located in Napa Valley offering delivery. Moreover, we are dedicated to exceptional service; unparalleled in product quality; provoking in our boutique design; committed to the pursuit of a balanced life; and focused on health, recreation and knowledge.


    From Customers

    Chirag P.

    Verified Buyer

    Hidden Gem

    I literally just went to this place because one of my friends wants to get this from here and just learned so much of different strains of MJ and how the effect you it’s like wine tasting for people that smoke up… the decor is really Amazing and they are super nice!

    Nicky P.

    Verified Buyer

    Phenomenal and helpful staff!!

    The level of knowledge, professionalism and superb customer service is outstanding. Never mind the decor, which is soothing and warm, and beautiful; from the receptionist on the phone (Natalia)to every employee there (Chris, I can't remember the other person...sorry)they were all very well informed and made me feel like I was just talking to friends. I live in the city and I'm seriously thinking of driving to Napa once a month for my goods. THANK YOU!!!

    Johnathon L.

    Verified Buyer

    AMAZING experience every single time

    This place is amazing!! What a FRIENDLY, INFORMATIVE and HELPFUL crew. Not only did they go above and beyond. They are all super knowledgeable. As a newbie to this location while visiting from FL. (I have a FL mm card) I didn't know that sonoma requires a recommendation b4 u can buy. Well no problem because they have a online doctor that makes that possible in 15 min as long as you have a proper condition to qualify. Once in the back ( did I mention you can have a guest with you... wow!!) The bud tenders were totally immersed in their job of helping you learn and select!! I cannot say enough good things! The prices were fair and selection of quality goods was awesome. Thank you HERBIVORE for a great add on to my weekend away in sonoma. We will see you again!


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