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    Steve’s Goods Co.


    1264 S Hover St Longmont, CO 80501

    10am-6pm Monday-Sunday

    Why Steve's Goods?

    • Locally grown, freshly made CBD Concentrates with unique flavor profiles.


    What are CBD Concentrates?

    CBD isolate is isolated CBD, extracted from a hemp plant using an Ethanol extraction machine and using other extraction techniques to make pure CBD isolate. CBD isolate is great for making CBD products, or if you rather a tasteless dab.

    What is CBG?

    CBG (Cannabigerol) is the mother molecule to all cannabinoids. It starts off as CBGA (A is the inactive acidic part), and as the plant matures, it converts into either CBDA, or THCA.

    Will CBD dabs get me high?

    No! You may have read about this happening on the web or even had the unpleasant experience of getting more than you bargained for with an un trusted CBD brand – This is simply NOT the case with Steve’s Goods Hemp Products!

    Where do you source your hemp?

    All of our hemp is grown in Colorado on our hemp farm. We have been working directly with the farmers since 2017, but now we grow our own hemp as of 2020. All the products you consume in 2021 will be from our hemp crop from 2020. We’re proud that we finally made it to this point!

    Reviews From Customers

    Verrified Buyer


    Terpin Gorilla is my 2nd fave, right behind Blueberry & Watermelon OG which are tied for 1st. Since the name doesn't really describe the aroma or flavor, I'll do my best to sum it up: it has a sweet, piney aroma with minty overtones. It clears the sinuses & has an invigorating effect when you take the lid off & smell it. Tops off bowls of your favorite herbs perfectly as the flavor is just pungent enough to break through & make your tastebuds tingle. Definitely a unique vaping experience too. This would be one of the more uplifting morning flavors if I had to choose.

    Verrified Buyer


    This flavor is tied with the Blueberry OG for best overall smell & taste. It's got a soft, sour essence & tastes nothing like syrupy fake watermelon candy. One tiny chunk under the tongue & it's chillax time. My body feels warm & calm but my mind is alert with a great mood. I've been smiling all afternoon. Wish I had more words to describe the awesome flavor & smell. It's so yummy I want to eat the whole jar, and I don't even like actual watermelon 🙂 Steve hit it out the park with this one!

    Verrified Buyer


    I just started dabbing and Steve’s Goods was the first products I ordered. The CBD Shatter was the first products I ordered and loved the Pineapple Express and the terpin gorilla, I just got some Full spectrum CBD wax in and hands down its the best! I’ll definitely be ordering more.

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