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    4219 Webster Avenue
    Bronx NY 10470

    Mon - Sat: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
    Sun: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    About Us

    Located in the North Bronx, we at SeshNYC are a dedicated dispensary serving as a trusted partner within the community, offering a range of carefully curated cannabis products for recreational purposes. Committed to providing education and support, we strive to empower our neighbors with access to high-quality cannabis options in a safe and welcoming environment.

    Our team at SeshNYC in the Bronx comprises of passionate individuals deeply rooted in the community, dedicated to providing personalized care and guidance to each customer. With expertise in cannabis education and a commitment to service excellence, our team members strive to create a supportive environment where every individual feels valued and empowered in their journey with cannabis.


    Caitlin Bell

    Verified Buyer

    You won’t be disappointed.

    I have been in the city for the last two weeks, and I have been loving, ordering from Sesh! They are so quick, which is a breath of fresh air, and the products are of good quality, especially the snoozy gummies! I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Hi Lisa just ordering delivery from this company. You won’t be disappointed.

    Michael Farmer

    Verified Buyer

    SeshNYC is the best marijuana dispensary period !!!

    SeshNYC is the best marijuana dispensary period !!! I've ordered multiple times and they are always on time if not early with every item i ordered.

    Jessica Sloma

    Verified Buyer

    Every single product is official and worth every penny

    I have been smoking for many years I have never dealt with a company the truly stands by their word and shows utmost respect besides every single product is official and worth every penny. It's a pleasure to work with SeshNYC


    Are you a medical Dispensary?

    Are you delivery only?

    Is there parking onsite?

    What forms of payment are accepted @ SeshNYC?


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