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    401A Centre Street
    Boston, MA 02130

    Mon - Thurs: 10:00AM - 09:00PM
    Fri - Sun: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

    About Us

    If you’re looking for the largest variety of cannabis products in Boston at the best cannabis prices, go to SEED. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you stock up on the cannabis products that are right for you. SEED is the only Boston dispensary to be featured in Forbes magazine and named one Boston Magazine’s top 10 things to do in Boston. SEED is co-located with New England’s only CANNABIS MUSEUM, has FREE PARKING out front and is adjacent to a Whole Foods.

    SEED stocks the largest variety of cannabis products available in Boston at the best cannabis prices. Highly trained Cannabis Purveyors are experts in guiding inquisitive newbies toward the best products to consider OR sharing their personal favorites with cannabis connoisseurs. SEED makes product readily available to the staff so that consumers are getting first hand reviews of our products.


    Matthew “Rico” Ferguson

    Verified Buyer

    Great friendly staff

    Great friendly staff, super informative and helpful. Never rushed, awesome atmosphere with small museum section to learn a little bit of cannabis history

    RahRah Moye

    Verified Buyer

    I feel encouraged to invite more people.

    The people there is great the service is spectacular.. no matter what you are looking for .. they’ll gladly and patiently walk you thru whichever you seek. I feel sad when I leave with my purchases. I feel encouraged to invite more people. From the time I enter showing my id to the receptionist up top to the cashier downstairs 😂 feel like we all went to high school or college together

    Tim Lawrence

    Verified Buyer

    Staff is extremely knowledgeable

    Staff is extremely knowledgeable, knew their products so well I was blown away.
    The customer service was the best I've had anywhere. The associates know how adapt to their audience and make the experience very natural & comfortable.
    Take a minute to check out the stuff on the walls.


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