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    Peake ReLeaf


    2001 Chapman Ave.
    Rockville, MD 20852

    Open Daily: 9:00AM - 9:00PM
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    About Us

    Peake ReLeaf is a local Rockville, Maryland medical cannabis company owned and managed by members who were raised in Maryland. Our team has participated in the regulated cannabis market in Colorado since its inception and has assisted in developing it into the influential program that exists today.

    Our vision is to establish higher standards in the cannabis industry by never settling for what is easily attainable, instead always challenging ourselves to positively impact this industry and help our community thrive. Peake ReLeaf was not built by national consultants or businesses, but by friends with a dream to return home and create a better dispensary. Our team consists of like-minded individuals, from many different backgrounds who share a foundation of collective values. It is our goal to provide our community with the best quality cannabis with the highest level of service.


    Emy Majors

    Verified Buyer

    This is by far the best dispensary around!

    This is by far the best dispensary around! The entire staff is so friendly and outgoing! The cleanliness is pristine. Not your typical dispensary experience either! I highly recommend Peake ReLeaf to everyone!


    Verified Buyer

    10/10 Experience every time

    10/10 Experience every time, have been coming here for over a year regularly. Stuart helped me on numerous occasions and has a bank of knowledge he’s happy to share if asked. Making great recommendations based on my preferences as well as explaining difficult to grasp concepts like the many different types of cartridges available and how live resin may differ from live rosin. Lots of praise to him for his excellent work and customer service, which always brings me back :)

    Kyrstin Elaine

    Verified Buyer

    Peake Releaf genuinely has such knowledgeable and friendly staff

    Peake Releaf genuinely has such knowledgeable and friendly staff I would genuinely recommend the ones close to me to come here. I’ve explored and cheated on Peake by going to other dispensaries just to see who’s the best frankly and Peake is ALWAYS the winner. Great selection, Knowledgeable Staff, Amazing point rewards for customers, with a Fun & Friendly atmosphere as the cherry on top. If you EVER have a problem here, best believe their managers are going to handle it for you so your future experiences with them are even greater. They genuinely care about their customers like GENUINELY they will hit you up and ask you how they can do better.


    Interested in what the Maryland Cannabis Administration defines medical cannabis as a treatment option for?

    Trying to navigate the market and understand all the terms used by staff and the community?

    What topics are covered in your ‘Cannabis Curriculum,’ and where can I find more information about it?


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