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    OSO Cannabis


    401 Anthony Dr Ste A & B
    Anthony, NM 88021

    Mon - Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM

    About Us

    OSO has been growing and assisting patients on their wellness journey in cannabis since 2011, with being license #9 in the state! The first medical dispensary started right in the quaint mountain town of Ruidoso, New Mexico, under compassionate distributors, and blossomed into OSO Cannabis Company in 2020, having 4 locations. As the OSO roots began to spread, they now have 9 locations in New Mexico and soon to be 10. OSO sets the bar high by investing in their communities, working with other farms and manufacturers. With these partnerships, OSO offers only the finest quality cannabis products available.


    OSO Cannabis Company is truly blessed to have not only passionate about cannabis and all its medicinal value on our team but so knowledgeable in the science of how/what works for patients and their needs. Oso Cannabis has a very diverse team, from our managers, who range from women to men, to OSO’s entire crew spanning from millennials and up. Our teams are filled with moms and dads with little ones, therefore our entire company is very family oriented. Each of our locations is very spread throughout New Mexico, making it hard for everyone to get together. Still, every team member supports each other and pushes together as a family to spread cannabis wellness throughout the state.


    From customers

    Andy C.

    Verified Buyer

    10/10 would recommend!

    Good product! Zach Miller hooked it up with the knowledge, getting me set up with some heavy hitters. In and out in less than 10 min. He knows his stuff and has great customer service.

    Erin M.

    Verified Buyer

    I will always be a OSO Cannabis patient!

    I can never choose just one… Airopro is so good and I’m so happy I can always find them at all OSO Cannabis locations I stop at and I’ve been to several! Service is very great at all locations and again Amanda is great at running 2 stores! Thank you for your dedication to helping medical patients feel comfortable in your establishments and keeping a friendly atmosphere for people!

    Ricardo G.

    Verified Buyer

    One of the best cannabis in midtown.

    I believe this is one of the best cannabis in midtown, the service there is awesome they are real outgoing the explain to you what you are purchasing and the ask you the concerns of what you might need and what you might not need pay attention it's not easy just to go up to any cannabis company and just get anything you want recreational and medical are two different but if you ask the employees the workers there they will teach teach you what you need to learn about what you are going to consume be careful with the edibles be safe do not smoke and drive do not eat and drive any kind of cannabis or CBDs this is just one of your friendly neighbors that is very concerned of the outcome of what a DUI would be if you were under the influence of any kind of cannabis you will get cited so be careful guys enjoy this is the best in town sincerely your neighbor Psyco Owl big Rick.

    Jacob W.

    Verified Buyer

    Awesome dispensary!!!!

    Very knowledgeable staff and they always help me find what I need if you’re out and about stop by and see these ladies!

    Barry M.

    Verified Buyer

    Great budtender!

    Ok let me first say that I didn’t get my budtenders name unfortunately, Any way, shoutout to him for making my first experience at Oso awesome. He was some friendly and helped me out with all my questions. He helped me pick out the perfect products for my high tolerance and also showed me how to properly use my dab set up so I won’t be so wasteful. Thank you to Oso for having this dude there; he truly made it dope. I was visiting from EP and I can’t wait for the closer locations to open soon 😎 I can’t wait to be back shoutout to the dude! (He had a goatee and a couple faded tattoos. Super chill homie haha)


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