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    Northern Helm


    514 King St E Unit E, Toronto, ON M5A 1M1

    Business hours:
    10 am to 10 pm - Everyday


    • We have a talented team.

      We have an incredibly dedicated team of talented Cannabis Guides with decades of combined retail and cannabis experience!

    • We have a large selection of products.

      We have the largest beverage cooler in Ontario with a minimum of 80 different cannabis beverages and have the best selection of Ounces and ½ Ounces in the City with the most competitive pricing.

    • We have great location.

      We’re conveniently located in the east end of downtown Toronto!

    • We welcome your furry companion.

      We’re pet friendly, with special treats for our furry visitors!


    How many products do you typically have in stock?

    We believe in offering our guests as much selection as possible. That’s why we typically carry more than 600 cannabis products at any given time along with over 200 different accessories. This allows us to ensure that we can meet just about any need that our guests have when they visit. There are so many great products available in Ontario right now, and we believe we offer our guests the best selection in the city.

    Does your team have expertise in a certain product category?

    We have specialists in each category, but any one of our team members will be able to assist any type of guest that visits our store. Team members go through an extensive training program that starts even before their first day. This allows our team to have a deeper understanding of our guests’ needs: amongst every staff member, we have tried every single product on our menu and love to share our experiences with guests.

    Do you have a loyalty program?

    Yes! We’ve got a super simple loyalty card, where guests can earn 15% off their 7th visit. And we even track visits on behalf of our guests, just in case someone forgets to bring in their loyalty card!

    Do you also sell accessories?

    We’ve got an amazing lineup of accessories: unique glass pipes and bongs, premium vaporizers and 510 batteries, but also a great selection of products under $50 as well. Whatever your budget, we believe we’ll have something for you.


    From customers


    Verrified Buyer

    What a great selection and beautiful store!

    Dom was beyond helpful in walking me through all of their options and is so knowledgeable about their product selection. I will absolutely be coming back here regularly, and the prices are fantastic

    Antoni C.

    Verrified Buyer

    New top spot for cannabis!

    Great variety of products, competent and friendly staff, just found my new top spot for cannabis products when travelling to Toronto!

    Alex S.

    Verrified Buyer

    I will definitely be visiting this store regularly!

    I had already been a few times at their location in Danforth, and I really like it, so I was happy to hear they were opening a new store in Downtown. This one is even nicer, the high ceiling allows for more sunlight to come in and there are more screens displaying the range of products. I knew some of the members of staff from Danforth, so they were as knowledgeable and helpful as usual.

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