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    Store hours are typically from 7:00 am-10:00pm, but some of our locations feature
    different hours due to local regulations. Be sure you check the store hours of your
    local Nectar to ensure that you don’t miss out on a premium cannabis shopping
    experience. Furthermore, so you don’t miss out, Nectar has a policy of being open
    365 days a year so you always have access to our stores!


    Is there a Nectar Dispensary Near Me?

    With over 40 locations in Oregon and more opening all the time, our motto is there is Never a Nectar to Far Away. You are only a quick “dispensary near me” search from finding your local Nectar to satisfy your cannabis needs. If you are in Oregon be sure to keep a look out for our patented Gold Leaf so you can experience the Nectar difference in cannabis shopping.

    How many Cannabis Brands does Nectar own?

    Nectar has 11 unique brands that we own and manufacture. These amazing brands can only be found in Nectar stores and are a key part of our integrated seed to sale model that allows for the best deals and best accessibility to high quality cannabis in our dispensaries. (read more here)

    Where are our Cannabis Farms in Oregon Located?

    The 5 farms that grow our unique Nectar branded products can be found in Southern Oregon. Southern Oregon is known for its mediterranean climate which contributes to having incredibly fertile soil. Historically Southern Oregon has been famous as wine country due to the amazing climate, but in recent years cannabis has become the most popular crop. This spike in popularity has led to some of the highest quality outdoor grown cannabis in the world!

    Do We Take Employment Applications For Budtenders?

    Nectar has been fortunate to experience unprecedented growth in the past few years, and as a result we are accepting applications to be a budtender. Be sure to submit an application so you have your opportunity to work and grow with the largest cannabis dispensary chain in Oregon! (read more here)


    From customers

    hoipoloi is

    Verrified Buyer

    What an awesome experience!

    What an awesome experience! Who knew that I had been racking up points for a year buying my cartridges at nectar? My friendly helpful budtender did. My most recent purchase was half off! Thank you soo much

    Nicole Lee

    Verrified Buyer

    I love the place.

    I love the place. The THC and the Service are both on point. Especially for what they deal with in a day! You guys rock.

    Christina Samayoa

    Verrified Buyer

    Relaxed environment.

    Relaxed environment. Attentive, friendly bud tenders. I usually order online for pick up in store. It is a quick, easy process and I appreciate the service. Occasionally they have prepackaged ounces for $19 pre tax. Fairly good product for an incredibly low price.

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