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    Monster House Dispensary & Lounge


    Solano Dispensary
    301 N Solano Dr #8 Las Cruces NM 88001
    Open Daily: 7:00AM to Midnight

    Picacho Dispensary, Lounge & Drive-Thru
    1275 W Picacho Ave. Las Cruces, NM 88005
    Dispensary Open Daily: 7:00AM - 10:00PM
    Lounge Open Daily: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
    Drive-Thru: Open 24/7

    Ruidoso Dispensary & Lounge
    412 Mechem Dr. Ruidoso, NM 88345
    Open Daily: 7:00AM to 10:00PM

    About Us

    Monster House Dispensary & Lounge is a unique culmination of nostalgia, cannabis, and art. Paying homage to the Monsters that made us, Monster House specializes in dank AF products served with a creeptastic Monster vibe. Veteran owned. Woman-owned. Cruceño owned. Come see why everyone’s #SmokinWithTheMonster.

    Knowledgeable, patient, and well-rounded, our Monsters are dedicated to getting you the dank you need. Whether you’re a Newbie who has no idea what a Dab is or you’re a Veteran Smoker who’s been partaking “since before it was cool,” we’ve got you covered. You’re in good claws at Monster House.


    Clair Henderson

    Verified Buyer

    My husband and I were visiting from Texas

    My husband and I were visiting from Texas. I originally wanted to go to this dispensary because the name caught my attention...but we ended up going back several times. Monster House was actually the only place we went back to after discovering it. The staff is phenomenal, they are all very knowledgeable about their products, and it's just a straight up great vibe.
    Sam, Hannah, and Dylan are amazing!! Sam and Dylan gave us some BOMB recommendations that absolutely did not disappoint.
    They also support military and veterans which is a HUGE plus in my book.
    Monster House has great pricing, great staff, great vibes, and we will definitely be returning in the future

    Kateba Gyles

    Verified Buyer

    This is a sick @** dispensary!

    This is a sick @** dispensary! If you like awesome deals and even better products. I'd absolutely recommend going over to check out Monster House Dispensary. I go to the one on Solano to see Tattoo Mikey He's an awesome dude. Always willing to hook it up with the best deals.

    Aaron H.

    Verified Buyer

    I've had the privilege of traveling a good amount of time every year.

    I've had the privilege of traveling a good amount of time every year. Where I get to consider some of my luck is this shop and their satellite locations.
    The mood aside (which is amazing), lets compliment the staff. Every employee is perfectly professional, and I do have my way of shopping. Generally, I'll ask my budtender to help me pick because they re the experts. This company has always put me exactly where I asked to be.
    As a veteran of the industry, this is the best and most professional shop I've ever visited. I'm just lucky this is my home shop.


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