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    MMD Hollywood


    8am - 10pm daily
    1515 N Cahuenga Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (877) 420-5874

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    Does the price include taxes?

    No. Local MJ Tax and State Sales Tax will be added to the price of the items. The tax rates may vary per each city and county, therefore final total may differ at each location.

    Are there delivery fees?

    Yes. Delivery fee may vary depending on the distance of the delivery from the delivery hub, the dollar amount of the order and the city that the order is originated from. The customer will always see the amount of the delivery fee in their cart before accepting the order.

    Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We accept (4 digit pin) Credit/Debit Cards only and due to our industry, we can only run transactions in $5 increments. For example:

    I'm visiting from out of state, can I still order?

    Yes. Adults 21 and over with a valid state ID or Passport can order. Individuals 18 and over with valid doctors recommendation and valid ID from any US state can order as well.

    What kind of ID do you require?

    Customers must present a valid State ID or Passport. Adults 21 and over visiting from outside of the US must present a Passport from their country of origin. Other forms of ID such as green card, visa, etc will not be accepted.

    Do I need a medical card?

    Anyone between 18 and 21 must have a valid doctor’s recommendation.

    How much can I buy?

    Adult use customers may purchase up to 28.5 grams of dried flower (loose or pre-rolled) and up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis (edibles, vapes, extracts) per day.
    Medical patients may have larger daily purchase limits recommended by their physician.


    From Customers

    Sarah F.

    Verrified Buyer


    Omg! Our tour guide brought us here because I asked about the best dispensary in the area. The gummies were amazing! I had one and my husband had two. He said two was too much. I had the perfect buzz with one. We had an amazing night after ingesting these. We went back the next day and got more gummies, other candy, and some weed. I can't wait to go back when I'm in Cali!

    Steven G.

    Verrified Buyer


    Just stopped by a second ago to pick up some CBD. Nice selection. Fair prices. I was helped out by an awesome woman with a great attitude and knowledge of the products they sell. My receipt says Evgenia M. so I assume that was her name. Will be back!

    Nick R.

    Verrified Buyer


    Awesome shop, amazing people, good vibes!!! Come here for sure if you need a quick bud grab!

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