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    380 Quiva St
    Denver, CO 80223

    (303) 825-0497

    Mon - Sat: 9:00AM - 9:00PM
    Sun: 9:00AM - 8:00PM
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    About Us

    L’Eagle cultivates all of the cannabis we sell, and we have been a leader in organic best practices since opening our doors nearly a decade ago. Degreed horticulturalists and farmers, who have made careers specializing in certified organic and sustainable agriculture utilize natural pest and disease-prevention techniques, instead of toxic chemicals, produce L’Eagle’s high-quality cannabis products. This means all of our products are 100 percent synthetic pesticide-free, long-cured and tested in-house to ensure consistency and potency.


    L’Eagle’s rigorous in-house testing protocols exceed the state’s testing requirements. And our focus on quality and purity extends well beyond our cannabis flower, to our our edibles, infusions and concentrates, such as our legendary full-melt, water-based hashish.


    “When you do extractions, you are concentrating pesticides and residual nutrients too. The extractions that are coming out of grows using heavy pesticides are not safe and no one has determined the side effects,” explains John Andrle, L’Eagle Co-Owner.


    L’Eagle’s commitment to clean cannabis extends across all infused products. “We make our edibles with our own product, because we want that clean, pesticide-free quality we work so hard for to carry through to all of our products,” adds Amy Andrle, L’Eagle Co-Owner. “Why not have the same expectation of cannabis that you would for food? GMOs and pesticides are avoided at all cost by many consumers and we believe in applying the same filter to cannabis products.”


    From Customers

    Lwal T.

    Verified Buyer

    The BEST dispensary in Colorado!

    The BEST dispensary in Colorado hands down, and the best I've personally been to in the entire country. Love their selection of strains the staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable and they have great deals considering this is the best and cleanest weed you're gonna find just about anywhere. Other places use the term organic for marketing purposes whereas with these guys you can count on their bud being clean and "home grown." This place is the cannabis industries version of farm to table I only wish they had a location in Fort Collins where I live but the drive is absolutely worth it.

    Ross F

    Verified Buyer

    Incredibly knowledgable staff

    I have been smoking for a long time. this is my favorite place for quality's organic! the growers really know their stuff and it shows in the flavor and feel of their product. Ellie and Suzanne are always awesome to work with when picking out what you want and know their fact so are all the bud tenders . I have never had a bad experience going here and they never push me to buy anything than what I tell them I am looking for.

    Ryan W.

    Verified Buyer

    Passionate people and perfect products

    Easily my favorite dispensary I've ever been to. You could tell the people working were passionate about the product and quick to recommend things they like. Great deals and cured so well! Will never go anywhere else when I'm in Denver.

    Steven N.

    Verified Buyer

    Best service around town

    Best service of any dispensary in Denver. Their bud tenders are very knowledgeable about all of their products. Ellie has been my budtender on my last 2 visits and has introduced me to some of my favorite new brands. Ask for her if you get the chance.


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