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    Giving Tree


    701 W Union Hills Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85027

    (623) 242-9080

    Mon - Sun: 8:00AM – 9:00PM

    About Us

    Giving Tree Dispensary is a medical and recreational cannabis store providing Phoenix, AZ with the highest quality marijuana products. Our menu is devised from a holistic approach to health and chronic pain relief support, offering a full range of high grade cannabis products. We have flower, prerolls, THC capsules, vape pens and edibles including gummies. Our cannabis concentrates selection includes shatter, wax, and budder to name a few. We also offer CBD extracts, tinctures, topical solutions and more. Our team provides customers with an amazing experience, encouraging questions and a desire for deeper knowledge. Stop by Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix to see the ever-evolving selection of medical and recreational cannabis products.


    From Customers

    AJ M.

    Verified Buyer

    I LOVE coming here!!

    I love this place! The staff are always the coolest, nicest people. They’re so helpful and knowledgeable about their products. I never have to wait long to get what I need, even when the place is swamped. It’s always super clean and comfortable to be there. Not to mention their flower is top notch! Literally never dissatisfied with what I get from here🖤

    Scott W.

    Verified Buyer

    Totally worth the drive

    Let me tell you, I work in the industry and this is hands down one of my new favorite dispensaries. All worth the 35 minute drive! The customer service is bar none, and the dispensary itself was an old circle K! How cool! And to top it all off their house flower, yes house flower comes in glass! WHAT! 😮 Love love love finding gems like giving tree!

    Nicole B.

    Verified Buyer

    The best customer service around

    By far the best dispensary I've encountered! I've had my medical card for almost 7 years now and The Giving Tree has been the most consistent in customer service and product. While I wish their parking lot was larger, they manage to get patients in and out in a timely fashion. They greet me by my name and always grab the door. AND they're pet friendly. They absolutely love when I bring my furry friends in, and they always give them some type of cookie. Shoutout to all the people at The Giving Tree, you're all awesome and THANK YOU!!


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