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    126 Main Street
    Great Barrington, MA 01230

    (413) 717 4102

    Mon - Thurs: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
    Fri - Sun: 9:00AM - 8:00PM

    About Us

    Farnsworth Fine Cannabis is a brand based in Great Barrington, MA. Farnsworth aims to make cannabis easy, elegant, and for everyone by creating a luxury retail experience and high-quality products.


    Farnsworth is family-owned & operated, and allows that ethos to drive our customer experience. Make a one-on-one appointment with a dedicated team member for a more personalized experience or drop in to visit our museum-quality showroom.


    From Customers

    Verified Buyer

    My Favorite Brand !!

    "The MOMA store of weed! So much fun browsing through lit glass cases of unique accessories and supplies (Keith Haring bong, anyone?) . Unmatched selection of tinctures and edibles (my fav) with many brands I haven't seen before. Retail Manager Lacy Toback who helped me during my visit was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions, and offered inspired custom suggestions when I asked (see photos of exclusive Farnsworth Cannabis Cigarette gift box 🤩: light, classic and bold). Farnsworth has a soho art gallery look, but the people who work there are really nice. Highly recommend!"

    Verified Buyer

    Staff Friendly !!

    "This is my favorite in Great Barrington. The space is beautiful, you can clearly tell there’s a focus on high design and a lot of thought to how each product is merchandised. The store feels welcoming to a newbie who can explore and shop, which other dispensaries don’t offer. The staff are both friendly and knowledgeable, the person helping me today really seemed to listen and provide great options. I’ll definitely be going back. I hope they open in NY one day, they’d fit well in Hudson."

    Verified Buyer

    Good service

    "This is the most beautiful store and the staff are so helpful. I drive quite a few hours from another state just to come here to shop because the people are so helpful and I also find the prices are very good and they’re willing to match prices on smoking accessories. It’s just a wonderful atmosphere and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and really helpful"


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    "Where are Farnsworth products available?"

    "Does the filter in the Farnsworth pre-rolls filter out THC?"


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