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    Discover the Magic of Cubiq: Handcrafted Psychedelic Wonders

    In a world where synthetic psychedelics and mass-produced chocolate bars dominate, Cubiq stands out as a beacon of authenticity and quality. This collective has been quietly revolutionizing the psychedelic product market for the past 4.5 years, building on over two decades of experience. Their innovative offerings, including perfect gummy confections and Leaf+Vine ayahuasca capsules, place Cubiq in a league of its own. Driven by an undeniable passion for their customers, Cubiq’s products are now available nationwide. Let’s tour into their incredible lineup (low key I am a total fangirl, but hey it’s the real deal which is rare these days).

    Gummies: The Perfect Microdose

    Psychedelics have long been revered for their ability to enhance cognitive function, boost energy, promote enlightenment, and sharpen focus. Cubiq’s gummies offer a modern twist on this ancient tool. Each cube is a sub-perceptual dose, commonly known as a microdose, designed for subtle yet profound effects. Available in strawberry (the all time best selling flavor), blueberry, and lemonade flavors, these vegan, handmade gummies are dosed at 150mg each, with 25 pieces per bag, totaling 3.5g of active psilocybin mushrooms. Using the Thrasher Penis Envy strain, every batch ensures a consistent experience, free from synthetics and artificial dyes.

    Moon Shot: Journey to the Stars

    Introducing Moonshot, an aptly named product that promises a profound psychedelic journey. Unlike the microdosing gummies, Moonshot is designed for deep, immersive experiences. This small, potent shot contains psilocybin, lemon, and sugar, delivering a taste akin to “swallowing the stars.” Perfect for seasoned users, Moonshot offers a rapid ascent to the deep reaches of the universe.

    Leaf+Vine: Traditional Healing, Modern Convenience

    Leaf+Vine encapsulates the profound healing traditions of South America, making the powerful ayahuasca experience accessible in a convenient form. Combining Chacruna leaves, which contain DMT, and Banisteriopsis caapi vines, rich in harmala alkaloids, these capsules offer a synergistic effect crucial for a traditional ayahuasca journey. Designed to eliminate the common physical discomforts associated with ayahuasca, such as purging and stomach distress, Leaf+Vine provides a smooth, meaningful experience. This powerful medicine should be approached with respect and care for the most beneficial results.

    The Spirit Molecule DMT Vape: Quick, Profound, Visual

    For those seeking a brief yet intense psychedelic experience, Cubiq offers lab-tested pure DMT in a disposable vape pen. Extracted from mimosa hostilis root bark, this vape delivers strong visual effects and a positive, transformative experience. The instructions emphasize that this is not akin to a weed or nicotine pen; proper usage involves holding in the vapor and hitting it repeatedly for maximum effect. The journey lasts approximately 15 minutes, followed by a gentle return to reality.

    Capsules & Raw Fruit: Pure, Sustainable Psilocybin 

    Handmade in California with sustainably cultivated mushrooms, Cubiq’s 200mg capsules are perfect for integrating micro or macro doses into your routine. Each size 0 capsule contains a single-source strain, ensuring consistent quality and potency.

    The Cubiq Experience: Beyond Compare

    Cubiq’s commitment to quality, customer service, and innovative products sets them apart in the psychedelic market. From their meticulously crafted gummies to their potent Moonshot and traditional Leaf+Vine capsules, Cubiq promises an unparalleled experience. Discover the magic of Cubiq and elevate your journey today, you can shop directly on


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