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    Different Smokes For Different Folks: Choosing Your Smoking Method

    Joints. Pipes. Bongs. Vapes. At the end of the day, they all have one thing in common: delivering your mind, lungs and body happiness and relaxation – also known as getting high. Here we explore the different methods to blaze your buds so you can decide what works best for you.

    Joints, Blunts and Spliffs

    Compact and easy to transport, joints are the quintessential pot smoking method. Whether you’re breaking up buds by hand or using a weed grinder, joints are as much fun to roll as they are to smoke. Some might even call joint rolling an art. If joint rolling isn’t your thing but you enjoy the medium, the popularity of pre-rolls has you covered. Not only are pre-rolls labor free, but you can buy multiple in a single pack.

    If you’re about the paper life but want an extra kick, blunts might be your new friend. Hollowing out any kind of cigar – particularly the cheap flavored variety – will give you a different type of taste, feel and effect from your papers, since you’ll have the aroma and residue of tobacco embedded.

    And for the more ardent tobacco enthusiasts, there’s spliffs. The sister of the joint, spliffs simply contain tobacco mixed in with your nugs. If you’re looking for an added zing to your high, twist up one of these bad boys.


    A cleaner alternative to rolling papers, pipes come in many different shapes and sizes, with most pieces made of glass and generally in bowl or one-hitter form. With pipes, there’s nothing to roll, you just break up your flower, pack the reservoir, and you’re off to the races. And while today’s pipes are more discrete, they’re not always as portable as joints. Bud can spill out of the reservoir and into your clothes or purse. However, a benefit to pipes is when you clean them: all of that black stuff you scrape out of the inside can be repacked and smoked as a quick resin hit if you’re in a pinch.


    The bong is the old trusty of smoking, the one item in your smoking arsenal that has its own space in your home. It might even have its own name or be an unofficial member of your family. Bongs are great for social gatherings, particularly those which involve long periods of being stationary, such as board game night, watching a movie or playing video games. They’re also great if you’re looking for an instant high. Depending on bong length, you’ll start feeling the effects almost instantly. Just fill your base with water, pack your reservoir, light and rip. And don’t forget to pull out the stopper while you inhale!

    Mini-bong rips are a fantastic way to get a quick high without the intensity of a hit from a mid-size to large bong. Regardless of your bong size, traveling with them can be a pain, especially if you’re adamant about keeping it filled with water. Bong water spilling in your car can be treacherous.


    Small and discrete, vape pens have revolutionized how we get high and are the most ideal for smoking in public places. Vape pens fit nicely in coats, pockets and purses, making them the perfect travel companions for anything from hiking, to parties to sleepovers at your significant other’s residence. The only thing to keep in mind with vapes is to make sure they’re fully charged before you bring them outside your home. Nothing is worse than reaching for a puff only to discover your vape no longer has a charge. If you’re a frequent vaper, get in the habit of carrying an extra charger with you as a failsafe to keeping the good times rolling.


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