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    Delta-8 THC Plus Two New Cannabinoids to Expand Your Cannabis Experiences

    Hemp’s exciting benefits no longer center around CBD. Thanks to recent innovations, the plant now offers unique cannabinoids for entirely new ways to experience cannabis.

    You may have already heard of Delta-8 THC, a hot seller because of its mildly intoxicating effects. But what about THC-O, a powerful compound some say is three times stronger than THC? And fast-growing HHC, known for providing THC-like effects minus the fogginess?

    Read on to learn more about these new cannabinoids and how they can liven up your daily routine and let you enjoy cannabis in new ways.

    Delta-8 THC for an uplifting mood boost

    There are clear reasons why you’ve likely seen delta-8 gummies and delta-8 vapes take over online and your favorite smoke shop.

    Delta-8 THC shares many of the same positive uplifting and mood-boosting effects as traditional THC, only on a milder scale. The two share a similar molecular structure, allowing delta-8 to provide you with that same sense of calm and euphoria you’re used to, but at a decreased level so you can still function during the day.

    Talk with those who have used delta-8 THC before, and you’ll likely hear them also talk about how great the compound can be for getting a good night’s sleep and promoting a healthier appetite.

    At roughly half the potency of traditional THC, delta-8 can be that perfect sweet spot for daytime use.

    And because delta-8 THC comes from hemp, it’s legal at the U.S. federal level. In most states, delta-8 products can be delivered right to your home.

    That’s also the case for delta 9 gummies made from hemp, which offer the same level of powerfully uplifting relief you’re used to. And as well as for energizing delta 10 gummies, which are surging in popularity for activating creativity and maximizing productivity.

    THC-O for powerful and immersive relaxation

    Is THC-O really three times stronger than conventional THC? That’s what some research suggests.

    THC-O has been called “the psychedelic cannabinoid” and “the spiritual cannabinoid” for its powerfully immersive effects. Are you looking to enhance your meditation or music listening sessions? Products like THC-O vape carts and THC-O gummies can send you on a truly immersive journey. And like delta-8, THC-O can help with better sleep.

    THC-O is the acetylated version of THC, and it comes from naturally-occurring hemp CBD. Therein lies the reason for THC-O’s strength. The added acetyl group within THC-O’s molecular structure makes it significantly more bioavailable than regular THC, meaning it packs more of a punch.

    Because THC-O can provide some powerful effects, it’s best for when you’re at home or in an otherwise safe place and plan to stay in for the rest of the day.

    Curious if THC-O is available where you live? Because it comes from federally legal hemp, THC-O falls under the Farm Bill passed by Congress in 2018. Just be sure to take it easy at first and only buy from a reliable company that uses third-party testing to ensure the product’s purity and safety.

    HHC for a clear-minded mellow effect

    If you enjoy THC but could do without the brain fog, HHC is an exciting newcomer you’ll want to know.

    What draws most people to HHC is its noticeably uplifting yet clear-headed effects. It can help you take the edge off while staying present on a leisurely day off, so you can still connect with friends or get lost in a book.

    As far as potency, HHC tends to be slightly less potent than conventional THC and potentially less potent than delta-8 THC. With HHC gummies and HHC vape carts, you’re likely to have a calmer and more clear-headed experience.

    Some people also like that HHC provides THC-like effects, despite not being a form of THC at all. HHC does occur naturally in hemp, but it can also be made from hemp-derived CBD and converted through refinement and distilling. 

    This could suggest that HHC may not show up on drug tests like THCs, but that’s only based on anecdotal evidence. So far, no scientific studies are showing that HHC evades drug tests, so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry and avoid use if you’re subject to testing.

    Like THC-O, HHC is federally legal because it’s a hemp derivative and covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. So if you live somewhere in the U.S., it’s likely that you have legal access to HHC.

    Find your new experience

    Delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, delta-10 THC, THC-O, and HHC are great choices to expand your cannabis experiences.

    Koi CBD is the trustworthy source for your new favorite hemp cannabinoids. Koi set the standard for quality for CBD when they launched in 2015, and they now apply their rigorous manufacturing and testing processes to producing high-quality alternative cannabinoid products. 

    With Koi, you can buy delta-8 products and more and have them delivered to your doorstep. Try one or more to find your new favorite cannabis experience!


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