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    Delta-10 Explained

    Delta-10 is not some cool offering from Delta Airlines nor a challenging math equation you forgot about from high school. Rather, Delta-10 is a THC cannabinoid, one of thousands found in cannabis, but one that is making waves as a stronger, better alternative to traditional THC. Here we explore what exactly Delta-10 is and why it’s become so popular.

    What Is Delta-10?

    Imagine a weed strain that gets you high, improves your concentration, helps you tap into your creative energies and does so without making you feel a hint of drowsiness. Oh, and it also gives you all the feels without any of the paranoia or anxiety that are sometimes bundled with those pleasurable sensations. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s about to become a lot more real. Delta-10 THC is on the cusp of becoming one of the most sought after ingredients in CannaFlowers and oils, all because of its largely untapped benefits.

    How Delta-10 Is Created

    Currently, there’s no Delta-10 plant you can grow or special Delta-10 strain you can purchase. All Delta-10 it’s made synthetically by chemically altering CBD using one of a variety of methods. The process involves creating a chemical reaction using carbon and vitamin C to interact with crude CBD, which ultimately produces Delta-10. While Delta-10 does appear naturally in cannabis, it does so in extremely trace amounts, making any endeavor to try and excavate Delta-10 from the marijuana plant largely unworthy of your time.

    The Darker Side Of Delta-10

    Because all Delta-10 needs to be carefully crafted in a lab, the process makes it especially susceptible to potentially carrying toxic pollutants. If you recall when vapes began blossoming in popularity, there was a huge blackmarket where vitamin E was being sold in place of THC oil, which was making people sick and even causing deaths. With Delta-10, it’s imperative if you’re going to try it out that you purchase it from an accredited dispensary or legal pot shop. Look for a COA (certificate of analysis) on all Delta-10 products in order to ensure that the product you’re purchasing has been verifiably tested and is proven to be safe.

    Legalities Of Delta-10

    Like all weed at the federal level, Delta-10 would be considered illegal. But on a state-by-state basis, Delta-10 certainly fits into the legalization category for states who have decriminalized cannabis. The issue isn’t so much if Delta-10 is legal, but rather how one can get it. As mentioned before, Delta-10 can only be commercially harvested by altering the chemical composition of CBD, so again, the key here is to always purchase your Delta-10 products from trusted, legal sources.

    Gimme Some Delta-10

    You’re now sold on Delta-10 as being something you need in your life and in your body immediately. But how can you get your hands on this magical, life changing substance? At your favorite neighborhood pot shop!

    Now, not all dispensaries carry Delta-10 products, but any knowledgeable budtender will be able to point you in a comparable direction if their shop does not possess Delta-10 specifically. If the shop you frequent is carrying this creative compound, you’re in luck. Delta-10 comes in a variety of forms such as cartridges, chocolates, oils, gummies, vapes, and can even be sprayed onto flower! There’s enough Delta-10 options to service everyone’s consumption preferences, so choose your form, buckle up, and enjoy your first high flying adventure with Delta-10. 



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