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    Delivery VS Dispensary

    Back in the day it was nearly impossible to get a gram of marijuana without getting caught; nowadays, it can show up right at your door like a pizza, but better. It was easy enough buying weed once dispensaries opened to the public, but they recently started coming out with delivery which is amazing; however, it has its cons as well.

    It seems so sketchy to order cannabis online and then give them your home address to drop it off at, there’s no privacy or security, but it works and a lot of people prefer this method over going to an actual dispensary. The benefits of having delivery available are quite a few; starting with any ill patients who are either too weak or too sick to leave the house to get their medical marijuana, the at-home employees who are too busy to leave the house, if there aren’t any convenient dispensaries nearby to walk or drive to, and simply if you’re just too lazy to leave the house.

    Another benefit, that might be seen as a con to others, is that most deliveries will only take cash, so you don’t have to worry about your debit/credit card information being out there. Some people don’t like this and prefer deliveries that would use Venmo just because they don’t carry cash on them. All dispensaries however, only take cash.

    Cannabis delivery really does have its perks in its time of need, but sometimes deliveries can just be the absolute worse. The main issue with deliveries is that you never know what you’re going to get. When you choose your delivery place, you’d usually have to send a selfie, a picture of your ID and/or medical card, with your address, and your order ready; very easy. However, sometimes the delivery would arrive much later than the expected arrival time; they could sell you really bad bud and have a strict no return policy; they could ignore your order, so you just keep looking for a different place; the delivery charge can differ depending on location, it could be 0$ or it could be 15$; some deliveries are meant only for medicinal purposes and not recreational; and again you don’t exactly have privacy or any security when you go to pick up your delivery, so always be cautious and aware.

    Walking into an actual dispensary is considered much better for reasons like actually seeing, smelling, and feeling what kind of flower you get, bargaining for deals, they don’t know where your home address is, and actually seeing their menu on display. However, dispensaries have its cons as well; for example, on busy days you could be waiting in that dispensary lobby for over an hour sometimes, they could only be taking cash and then not have an ATM in the room, and you’d most probably have to sign or fill out a form with your information on it basically agreeing to their terms and conditions.

    Either way, you’re buying yourself some cannabis and you want to make sure you spend your money’s worth, so next time you decide to get some marijuana, consider which is better or more convenient for you. With all these deliveries opening up and taking over, most dispensaries are deciding or at least considering becoming just deliveries as well. Do some research on your local dispensary or delivery and start weighing the pros and cons; which do you prefer?

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