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    Cyber Monday Gift Guide

    Black Friday may be over, but lucky for you, Cyber Monday is here to sweep you off your feet! Your favorite cannabis brands are offering some of the best deals of the year now! Check out our Cyber Monday Gift Guide and spoil yourself a little (or a lot)!



    The brand: The Octo brand was created by Octo Innovative Solutions in Phoenix Arizona.   It consists of a wide range of batteries and vape pens and we continue to expand our selection.  We work hard to provide the consumer with great quality products while we maintain affordability.  We put a lot of emphasis on customer service,  warranty and the highest levels of integrity.

    The product: We offer cartridge batteries that works very well and long lasting. Some of the batteries we carry are auto draw, adjustable voltage batteries, twist adjustable voltage batteries with different powers and battery sizes, and also concentrate pens. We offer many color variations.   The prices we offer for the quality we offer and the customer service we provide is like no other! All orders will ship the same day when order is received before 2:00pm   Our customer service and prices are simply unbeatable! We assure you, you will be a returning customer!! FREE SHIPPING on all orders in USA!

    Gift Here:  OCTODABZ



    The Brand: Strain Snobs is the premier brand for 50 state-legal innovative cannabis products such as Delta 9, HHC,THCO gummies as well as other edibles, vape and more.  All of Strain Snob items are manufactured in the largest US-based cannabis specific ISO-7 certified cleanroom to exacting standards always verified by 3rd party lab results.  When you have a choice “Dont Settle, Be a Snob”! 

    HHC Chocolate: Treat your sweet tooth to the ultimate chocolate experience with these delectable chocolate squares. Strain Snobs Delta 9/HHC chocolate combines 5mg of D9 THC, 20mg HHC with artisan chocolate from a Colorado family with over 100 years of candy making experience. Send your taste buds on a luxurious journey with every bite. Everyone can enjoy this sweet treat as it is vegan and gluten free.

    Gift Here: Discover CBD


    American Autoflower Cup

    The Brand: American Autoflower Cup 2023 is uniting growers and breeders on legendary Green Street in Los Angeles. For the first time ever in California, we are proud to present the first edition of the A.A.C – American Autoflower Cup. Test your growing skills head-to-head with the best growers and breeders in the United States and become the first American Autoflower Cannabis Cup Winner. Register your samples on the website!

    Register Here: American Autoflower Cup



    The Brand:  Whipple Effect specializes in efficiently designed indoor cultivation facilities, data driven cultivation protocols, automation, project management technology, step by step training manuals, and premium genetics.  Whipple Effect is currently managing live facilities in Phoenix and LA which total 360,000 sqft of indoor canopy (5,000+ lights), and is building new cultivation facilities in Boston, Oklahoma City, San Diego, and Thailand.

    The CCI Book:

    1. Cannabis Plant Botany, Crop Steering Guide, standard operating procedure modules for every phase of the cultivation process
    2. Modules: Garden Management, Mother Room, Clone Room, Veg Room, IPM, Flower Room, Dry Room, Trim Room, Job Descriptions, Tech Platforms
    3. 60+ Lessons: Step by step guides with staffing needed for task, supply lists, formulas, pro tips, and pictures detailing the process
    4. Fully updated SOP’s of our entire cultivation process that we are using on 5,000+ lights.

    Gift Here:  Whipple Effect



    The Brand: Mr. Ganja is a Los Angeles based luxury accessories brand, founded in 2018. Mr. Ganja caters to true marijuana connoisseurs that live a stoner lifestyle in the most boujee-est of ways. The brand’s mission is to bring a sense of luxury and quality to the industry.

    Rolling Kit: Mr. Ganja’s Rolling Kit is the perfect choice for those who want to complete their stoner ritual in luxury. Roll your perfect joints in style and impress the crowd like ganja royalty!

    Gift Here: Mr. Ganja



    The Brand: Zengaz jet lighters are the perfect choice for those who want premium quality without sacrificing style. These lighters are refillable, windproof, and feature cool designs with a soft rubberized finish that make them stand out from the crowd. Get yours today!

    Lighters: Windproof, refillable, high-quality and lots of cool designs: Shop #Zengaz lighters now on! FREE shipping available –  Use code BF22 for 20% OFF entire order! #NeverBurnOut

    Gift Here: Zengaz



    The Brand: dabX has one mission; to create the easiest, fastest and best ways to dab. All dabX products are designed in Los Angeles, California and are constructed using premium materials. At dabX, they marry cutting edge design with precision craftsmanship to provide an unparalleled experience for concentrate enthusiasts.

    The dabX: The dabX go is the next evolution in the quest for fast, easy, full flavor dabs. Every detail has been relentlessly tested and fine tuned to provide the perfect dabbing experience in the palm of your hand. If you are new to concentrates, there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran dabber, it will change the way you dab forever. Massive dabs, perfect taste, easy to use, easier to clean. LETS GO!

    Gift Here: dabx



    The Brand: The Kind Pen is a New Jersey-based vape pen company that has quickly become one of the worlds most trusted brands in the industry. These Kind Pen vaporizers are innovative and offer an effective, cutting edge, delivery system that makes us one of the best vape pens for weed, hemp, hash and CBD and other vapeable products. Our vape pens are an affordable alternative to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. We believe our products have the perfect balance of potency with discreet portability, which is just part of what makes them the best vapes for weed, CBD, and hemp. With five clicks and a deep breath, we’re helping people taste the world in a wonderful, new way.

    OG Jams:  The OG Jams is more than an advanced handheld dry herb vaporizer — it’s the ultimate statement piece for vapers in the know. This handheld vaporizer clocks in at four and a half inches [and only 2.5 in width], combining the best of both worlds – it’s bulky enough to feel substantial in your hand… but small enough to fit inside your pocket. In addition, adjustable temperature ranges allow you to dial in the perfect temp for the kind of flower you’re using without burning those terpenes and sacrificing flavor.

    Gift Here: The Kind Pen



    The Brand: Lake Harvest is the core brand of Hemp and Barrel and is a true Seed to Shelf product grow, formulated and produced in Lake Lure NC.  We take tremendous pride in overseeing and knowing exactly what goes in every bottle and have been humbled and over joyed with the positive feedback and numerous success stories we have heard from our customers.

    Tinctures: Lake Harvest CBD/CBN comes in two flavors Sandman (Hibiscus) and Twlight (Vanilla).  This 1 to 1 formulation is great for those that suffer from issues with getting a goods night rest.

    Gift Here:  Hemp and Barrel


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