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    Cyber Monday Gift Guide 2023

    Welcome to our Cyber Monday Gift Guide 2023, where we’ve curated a collection of cutting-edge essentials for the modern enthusiast, including sleek glassware, stylish storage solutions, tantalizing THC syrups, calming CBD options, and more, ensuring your holiday season is filled with elevated experiences and thoughtful indulgences.

    Tropics Collective

    The Brand: Tropics is a family-owned company based in Raleigh, NC. Our brand has a focus with Delta 9 edibles with our flagship being the first 1000mg Syrup made in the state. We are here to educate consumers away from synthetic consumption and bring people back to their traditional roots with natural THC. Syrups, Gummies, THCa Diamonds/Prerolls you name it! We do it, and we’re excited to be a staple for our community.

    The Product: Tropics THC Syrups are the key to unlocking a whole new level of chill. Packed with premium THC, our syrups are the perfect blend of relaxation and flavor. Pour some into your favorite drink or drink it straight. Kick back and let the good vibes flow!

    Gift here: Tropics

    Goody Glass

    The Brand: Goody Glass is a beacon in the world of mundane bongs and rigs, offering delightful Mini Rigs and novelty Handpipes expertly crafted for flavorful rips with a unique personality.

    The Product: Get ready for a dabbing experience like no other with Goody Glass. These Mini Rigs, available in two lines with nine total variations, put the Fun back in Function, catering to everyone from casual users to dedicated dabbers. Explore the new generation of Goody’s Second Generation Mini Rigs, designed to cool down vapor and deliver the most flavorful hits with unique functions and personalities, perfect for the expert dabber in you.

    Gift here: Goody Glass

    Queen Mary

    The Brand: Queen Mary, a Social Equity brand founded by a woman of color, prioritizes women’s mental health through a daily cannabis regimen as a non-addictive alternative to prescriptions. Our thoughtfully crafted products aim to boost energy, uplift spirits, maintain motivation, and ensure a restful night’s sleep for the busy modern woman. A Fixin for A Vixen.

    The Product: < which product? >

    Enchanted, an award-winning, solvent-free, full-spectrum rosin nano THC-infused gummy, offers a focused and energized high with added natural vitamins and supplements. Perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this vegan and gluten-free gummy features an all-natural Strawberry Lemonade flavor and is infused with Rhodiola and Vitamin B-12 for an enhanced experience, promoting energy, memory, and mood improvement. Processed within approximately 10-20 minutes, it’s a quick and wholesome solution for combating sluggishness and unproductivity.

    Moonstruck, the People’s Choice winner for Best Edible at the 2022 Farmers Cup, is a solvent-free, full-spectrum rosin nano THC-infused gummy with CBN. Crafted for nighttime use, this vegan and gluten-free gummy is a natural sleep aid, featuring a water-soluble cannabinoid for quicker body processing (approximately 15-20 minutes). With an all-natural Lavender essentials and Blueberry flavor, Moonstruck is enhanced with CBN for potential benefits in sleep regulation, pain relief, and immune system support.

    Boost, a coffee-flavored, solvent-free, full-spectrum rosin THCv and THC-infused elixir, is your ultimate morning pick-me-up. With added natural vitamins and a water-soluble cannabinoid for quick absorption (approximately 15-20 minutes), this vegan and gluten-free elixir can be added to your coffee or taken directly for an almost instant boost of energy and motivation. Infused with organic coffee, THCV, and Vitamin D, Boost enhances concentration levels and provides a motivated, alert, and energizing feeling for a productive day.

    Gift here: Queen Mary

    Hemper Subscription Box

    The Brand: Welcome to Hemper, where the pursuit of the perfect smoke meets a world of premium possibilities. As the ultimate head shop destination, we proudly showcase an unparalleled collection of top-tier smoking essentials, including dab rigs, one hitters, and mini bongs. Our commitment to innovation shines through our game-changing Monthly Subscription Boxes, turning each unboxing into an unforgettable experience. At Hemper, we redefine what it means to elevate your smoking journey.

    The Product: Introducing Hemper’s Monthly Subscription Boxes, a revolutionary take on smoking accessories. Immerse yourself in a curated world of sophistication, where each box delivers a handpicked selection of premium smoking essentials. From the novice to the connoisseur, our subscription boxes, available in three sizes, cater to every smoker’s needs. Experience the thrill of anticipation with our unique themed boxes, like the recent ‘Donut’ collection, adding a sweet surprise to your monthly smoke sessions. Hemper: Transforming smoking from routine to ritual.

    Gift here: Hemper Subscription Box

    Smoke Fiends

    The Brand: Your new Best Friend at the Sesh Personal Smoke Filtration System. Introducing Smoke Fiends, the avant-garde brand reshaping the smoking landscape with a range of fun and quirky personal smoke filters. With a commitment to blending enjoyment with subtlety, Smoke Fiends guarantees a comfortable and discreet smoking experience, transforming each puff into a playful adventure. Redefine your smoke sessions with style and flair, as Smoke Fiends becomes your trusted companion for satisfying and inconspicuous enjoyment.

    The Product: Crafted for enthusiasts who prioritize functionality and fun, these filters offer over 300 uses, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness. The replaceable filter technology guarantees a consistently clean and smooth smoking experience, all while embracing a sustainable, eco-friendly approach. Each Smoke Fiend is not just a filter but a playful character, infusing whimsy into your sessions while providing top-notch filtration. Elevate your smoking ritual with the magic of Smoke Fiends, where satisfaction meets discretion in every puff.

    Gift here: Smoke Fiends

    Kryo Glass

    The Brand: Introducing Kryo, the high-end line of freezable glassware that combines sophistication and innovation to transcend smoking expectations. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, Kryo ensures a refreshingly cool and smooth draw, setting a new standard in the world of smoking accessories.

    The Product: Experience a new era of smoking pleasure with Kryo’s innovative freezable glassware, infused with Kryogel for the smoothest draw. These high-quality pieces, currently available at an unbeatable 50% discount, maintain a refreshing chill for an extended period, delivering cutting-edge technology and unbeatable savings to elevate your smoking sessions. Redefine your chill with Kryo today!

    Gift here: Kyro Glass

    Hemper Cache Cup

    The Brand: Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Innovative Smoking Accessories. Hemper stands as the ultimate head shop, offering a range of premium smoking essentials. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation in crafting game-changing smoking accessories.

    The Product: Hemper Introduces the Game-Changing Cache Cup — A Portable Ashtray Redefining Smoking Convenience! Experience innovation with the Cache Cup – a medical-grade silicone ashtray designed for on-the-go smokers. With features like a pointed tip for easy cleaning and integrated storage, the Cache Cup is your portable companion to elevate your smoking experience.

    Gift here: Hemper Cache Cup


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