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    Cyber Monday Featured Brands 2023

    Embark on a journey of well-being this Cyber Monday with a curated selection of premium hemp and wellness products from Exhale Wellness and Budpop. These two standout brands bring you an array of thoughtfully crafted and rigorously lab-tested options, promising to redefine relaxation and holistic health. Delight your senses with a range that spans CBD gummies, THCa vapes, Amanita muscaria gummies, D8 gummy cubes, disposable vapes, and potent hemp flower. It’s time to prioritize tranquility and good vibes for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season. Explore the possibilities and discover a new realm of well-being with Exhale Wellness and Budpop. Happy gifting!

    Exhale Wellness

    The Brand: Exhale Wellness specializes in premium hemp and wellness products, with an extensive range of hemp-derived and federally legal gummies, vapes, flower, and more. Our mission is to harness the vast potential of various plants, herbs, and fungi through our thoughtfully crafted and rigorously lab-tested products. We aim to empower individuals to take a holistic approach to their own health and provide a range of options for doing so.

    CBD 1500 mg Gummy Cubes

    Our delicious CBD Gummies are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain a hefty 50mg of CBD in each tasty bite! Get that special someone the gift of supreme relaxation and calming vibes this holiday season!

    Gift here: CBD 1500 mg Gummy Cubes

    THCA 2 Gram Disposable – Berry Gelato

    Our Disposable THCa Vapes are the ideal gift for someone who enjoys the full potency of THC, but prefers a more discreet and portable option than smoking flower. There’s no artificial fillers in our vape oil and every batch of vapes are independently lab-tested to confirm their potency and contents.

    Gift here: THCA 2 Gram Disposable – Berry Gelato

    Amanita 5 Pack Gummy Cubes

    Want to give a unique gift that offers physical relaxation and a peaceful escape from the holiday hustle and bustle? Introduce a loved one to the magical world of our Amanita muscaria Gummies, a delicious way to experience the benefits of this fantastic fungi without having to eat any mushrooms!

    Gift here: Amanita 5 Pack Gummy Cubes


    The Brand: Budpop began as a way to provide what we felt was lacking in the natural hemp product market. As a result, we partner with farmers and producers who go above and beyond the industry average, to bring you high class hemp and Amanita muscaria products that are both consistent and satisfying. Our main goal is to enable folks all over the USA to have ownership of their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being; by bringing you some of the best hemp and Amanita products around!

    Delta-8 625 mg Gummy Cubes – Strawberry Gelato

    Check out our D8 Gummy Cubes for wonderfully clear-headed, stress-busting benefits; with an uplifting 25mg of Delta-8 THC in each juicy bite. A naturally flavored, great option for bringing good vibes and keeping the mood mellow at dinner time, game night, and any other gatherings!

    Gift here: Delta-8 625 mg Gummy Cubes – Strawberry Gelato

    Delta-8 2 Gram Disposable – Blackberry Kush

    Disposable vapes are a constant favorite of our team, offering a convenient solution to enjoy D8 in a discreet and easily portable package that’s ready to enjoy right out of the box. The sweet flavors and relaxing bliss of Blackberry Kush are a perfect pairing for the warm fuzzies of those holiday feels!

    Gift here: Delta-8 2 Gram Disposable – Blackberry Kush

    THCA Flower Ounce – Space Junkie

    Give the gift of tasty and potent hemp flower this holiday season, with some THCa buds that are out of this world! Space Junkie is great for a sociable vibe, a deliciously creamy and citrusy Sativa that activates the mind and soothes the body equally!

    Gift here: THCA Flower Ounce – Space Junkie


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