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    Crafting The Ultimate Grow Room

    If you live in a state where weed is legal, growing cannabis is something you can legally partake in from the comfort of your own dwelling. Whether or not you’re successful with your grow is another story. To aid your quest at becoming a home grow master, we’ve outlined the following steps to help you transform a current area of your home into an ultimate indoor grow room that’s well positioned for abundant cannabis harvesting for years to come.

    Choosing Your Room

    The first step to crafting the ultimate grow room is deciding where in your residence you’ll want your grow room to be. The space should be ventilated and tall enough to accommodate your own lighting, but closed off enough so that other lighting does not affect the setup. Keep in mind, the more marijuana plants you’re planting, the larger the grow room needs to be. Room size is the biggest factor in your grow room blueprint. It should be large enough to support the quantity of plants you intend to grow, while also providing easy maneuverability and adequate space to fulfill your ventilation and lighting needs.

    The Set Up

    Once you’ve decided on the area of your home that you’ll transform into your ultimate indoor grow room, the next step is to start putting that room together. An easy way to start is with the ventilation. Making sure the space is well-ventilated from the jump will save you a lot of time, since you won’t have anything to uninstall or maneuver around if you wait. This can be accomplished by installing fans to help push out humidity and moisture from the room and by installing carbon filters to help minimize the aromas permeating from the room. It’s also recommended that the room be affixed with white or reflective wall paneling in order to minimize light absorption from anything othe than your beautiful marijuana plants.


    With your interior design and ventilation taken care of, the next element of your ultimate grow room you should focus on is the lighting. Popular lights used for grow rooms are generally higher-quality LED, Fluorescent or HPS lights. When deciding upon lighting placement, remember that the stronger the wattage within the lightbulb, the further from the marijuana plants you should place it. This will help reduce the chance of your plants catching fire and also allows for your ventilation system to work better at removing the heat generated by the lights from your grow space. Well ventilated lights mean a well ventilated room, and both of those are huge factors in determing the success of your ultimate indoor grow room.


    The other important factor in determining the success of your ultimate indoor grow room is the climate. Having proper climate control can make or break your grow room aspirations, so knowing what your room needs and how to deliver it is of extreme importance. An ideal temperature for your indoor grow room should be somewhere around 72 degrees fahrenheit, with an ideal humidity around 40 percent. Your specific geographic location will determine whether or not you need to use humidifiers or dehumidifiers or increase or decrease the number of fans in your room, and in order to track your room temperature and humidity levels, you’ll need to use both a thermometer and a humidistat.

    Get Your Plant On

    Your indoor grow room has been selected, you’ve set up the proper ventilation and lighting systems, and you’ve just customized your unique grow room’s climate control. Now, it’s time to plant!

    The first step to planting is setting up wire shelves for the plants to rest on, which will help maintain air circulation around the plants by utilizing the air circulation system that you’ve already set up. Next, it’s time to decide what type of planting you’re going to engage in – soil or hydro, aka soil or no soil. If you’re rolling with a hydroponic system, now is the time to set it up on your cool shelving units. If you’re going the traditional soil route, now is the time to pot your plants. Whichever planting method you select, have fun, keep your plants a few inches apart, and tell all of your friends that you just built the ultimate indoor grow room.


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