Why Couples Who Toke Together, Stay Together

I always thought that Marijuana made the world seem brighter, now I know for sure that it does. Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with your companion for years, weed will bring you closer. Your life together will be fun and meaningful.

The Sex Will Improve

Smoking pot and having sex are fun activities. If you combine the two of them, it will blow your mind. Since it’s not possible to smoke weed and have sex at the same time, you’ll need to toke before you get started. When you are high, everything seems slower. Smoking marijuana also causes some stimulation. Therefore, it follows that your orgasms will be super intense and slow. If you experience this with your partner, it will be something that you will remember for days.

Marijuana lowers your inhibitions

Pot is the perfect wingman. If you have a shy personality, you will be able to say and do anything that you’ve always wanted to after toking. If you are not in a relationship, you will be relaxed enough to pick up someone. You could also use it as a test to gauge if your date is relaxed or not. Obviously, not everyone is always in the mood to smoke weed. But if your partner always refuses to, then they are obviously too uptight.

Your mood will be better

Relationship problems get worse when one partner is always in a bad mood. They tend to blame other people for their problems, yell, and refuse to compromise. If you do something to make you feel better smoke weed, for instance), your mood will drastically improve. You won’t get into needless arguments and you are likely to be relaxed enough to go with the flow. This will allow both of you to go to bed happy. That being said, you’ll still have to solve your problems in the morning.

Happy couples do things together

Happy couples tend to do a lot of things together. If some of those things involve weed, you will be very happy for a long time. To spice things up, cook and consume cannabis infused edibles together at least once a fortnight. There are several delicious edibles such as beef jerky, chicken wings or truffles. If you don’t know how to make these, don’t worry about it. Simply cook your favorite dish and add cannabis into it. If cooking is not your cup of tea, you could visit restaurants that serve cannabis edibles.  Whether you love wine, desserts or braised pork, you can enjoy them all at a restaurant. The great thing about consuming edibles is that you won’t get hungry afterward like you would when toking.

Final Verdict

All happy couples put a lot of hard work into their relationships. Smoking weed is something that could really improve the quality of your relationship. From reducing stress levels, helping you have fun and boosting energy levels, Marijuana will go a long way in keeping you happy.  To completely understand what I’m talking about, you simply have to try it.


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