Consuming Edibles Responsibly: A Quick Guide to new Stoners

Many people prefer eating cannabis-infused edibles to smoking a joint because it’s healthier. It is also a convenient way for non-smokers to consume cannabis. Although edibles offer a high that’s relaxing, it is difficult to predict the effect that their consumption might have on you. Unlike smoking marijuana, ingredients from edibles are absorbed by different organs of the body.  Here are some quick facts that will help you consume edibles responsibly.

There Are a Variety of Edibles

Foodies who also love marijuana will enjoy the wide variety of cannabis infused edibles. In addition to typical edibles, such as gummy bears and cookies, you can purchase cannabis-infused chicken wings, hot pockets, beef jerky or truffles. You can also drink coffee or tea that’s infused with cannabis.

If you prefer eating out, you can visit restaurants that legally serve cannabis infused delicacies. You will enjoy food such as braised pork, gluten free desserts, and cannabis infused wine! No matter what you like, chances are that there is a cannabis infused version of it. What’s more, you can discreetly eat these foods in places that don’t allow smoking. You can eat them in church, hospitals or evens schools! No one has to know that you are getting high.

What Happens After Consuming The Edibles?

There are some differences between consuming edibles and smoking marijuana. One of the main differences is that smoking affects users immediately while edibles take a longer time. However, the effects of the edibles tend to last for up to 12 hours depending on the dosage taken. The effects of smoking, on the other hand, diminish almost immediately.

Know Your Limit

If you have never consumed edibles, it could be difficult to tell how much you will need to get high. To find out, consume a little and wait for an hour before taking more. If you experience symptoms such as lack of coordination, paranoia or hallucination, then you’ve obviously taken too much. When this happens, do not panic, consume lots of fluids and eat food (edibles without the cannabis!). You should feel better after a few hours. If the symptoms persist, rush to hospital.

Be careful with everything that you eat as a single bar of chocolate could contain up to 100 milligrams of THC. The chocolate typically takes longer to digest, meaning that you will have that feeling for a longer time than a person who has taken cannabis-infused drink. Medical experts recommend that you take the cannabis after a meal; an empty stomach might intensify the effects.


Although cannabis edibles are a good way to get high, consume them responsibly. The law requires that manufacturers of edibles indicate the milligrams of THC in the food and advice users on how much they need to consume (generally 10 milligrams of THC). If you are a smaller person (in terms of body size), use half the recommended dosage as it might be more potent on you. If you are taking marijuana to manage pain, stick to the dosage that your doctor has recommended.

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