A Comedy Club Made For Pot Smokers

Marijuana is a hot topic. As politicians face off about whether or not to legalize marijuana, entrepreneurs are not waiting around. Multiple states and countries have already legalized recreational use of marijuana. And where there is legal weed, there is money to be made
While still kind of illegal in Toronto, Canada, the 420 Comedy Club has recently opened it’s doors and welcomes people to smoke marijuana inside. 420, which is pronounced four-twenty, is used in pop culture to refer to the consumption of marijuana (for those who don’t know).

Because there are still laws against marijuana based businesses. But where there is a law, there is a loophole. To bypass the laws prohibiting recreational usage of marijuana, the club operates privately, requiring membership which is paid upon entry. The club owner Neil Griffin underlines that they do not sell nor permit sale of neither marijuana nor other drugs, such as alcohol. The only thing on their menu is lighter snacks (a great option for any marijuana based business).
The club usually attracts 35 people every night, and their comedians are niched towards “pot smokers” to provide an entertaining show. And if the show is not entertaining enough, take another hit and maybe you will get there.
The 420 Comedy Club is not the first lounge opened with the purpose to attract marijuana users. Marijuana is often compared to alcohol, as a social drug that “opens you up” and allows the user to enjoy a social situation more than otherwise. Since it has been illegal and socially rejected for a long time, there aren’t many places where users can gather and socialize. Alcohol, on the other hand, has been around a lot longer, and all large cities are riddled with bars or clubs that sell it.
There are cannabis lounges and clubs opening at a high tempo, and many of them have certain specializations to attract customers. For instance, there’s the Loopr in Denver, CO that’s a refurbished bus that drives around the city with both glassware and a dozen video monitors for entertainment. There’s also Spectra Art Space (also in Denver, CO), which is a private club that features yoga, glass blowing and comedy nights amongst other things.
This trend is growing quickly and with the new lounges opening every now and then, clubs like these are becoming much more accessible. It also shows how much more accepted marijuana has become lately, only five years ago most people would have frowned upon those kinds of clubs.
As marijuana becomes more welcomed in social situations, we should expect to see more clubs and café’s opening in the United States. One big setback is that federal law prohibits marijuana, so banks are not allowed to do business with pot based businesses. This makes it hard to operate a business in this sector, but perhaps someday these laws will open up and make it easy to do so.

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