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    Clean Your Bong

    Many people believe that cleaning their pipe or bong is extremely difficult and might need a special soap to reach its maximum cleanliness, but they’re wrong. In fact, it’s so easy to clean your bong and you don’t have to buy a special bong cleaner, but some people do which works just as great.

    All you’ll need to clean your bong properly is some rubbing alcohol (or even better 99% alcohol), salt (or Epsom salt), and a Tupperware or Ziploc bag. It’s important to clean your bong out every now and then because the leftover residue will build up growing more bacteria and eventually smell really bad. Not to mention, when you smoke through a dirty bong, the flavor tastes nasty and a bit off. You don’t have to clean it every day, but probably every 2 days, if you’re a daily smoker; leaving a bong dirty for too long, will just make it harder to clean in the future.

    Start off by emptying out the dirty water from your bong and disassembling the downstem and cone/bowl. Rinse the bong and disassembled glassware in hot water, then set the bong aside for now. Either in a Ziploc bag or a tight-seal Tupperware, fill about ¼ – ½ with 99% alcohol and place the loose pieces in there. Fill your container with a lot of salt, enough salt so not all of it dissolves. Proceed to shake the closed container and let it soak for an hour or two (shaking it every now and then) for better results.

    As for your bong, after rinsing it in hot water, proceed to pour in about ¼ full of the alcohol and pour salt in as well. Cover all the holes with a towel or your hands, whatever is works best for you, and just shake it up well. You can let the alcohol soak in there for a while and shake it a few more times. If you wanted to use a brush on anything then you could either buy pipe cleaner brushes or try disposable mascara wands or an old toothbrush.

    The alcohol will basically help break down the sticky particles clinging onto your glass and the salt works as a heavy-duty scrub, so it’s guaranteed to work great. If you’re trying to remove any stubborn water stains on the inside of the bong, then you could try using lemon juice or vinegar to help remove it. That’s how to clean out your bong, it’s quick and works wonders!


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