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    CBD Gift Guide for 420

    Dive into the world of relaxation and wellness with our curated CBD 420 Gift Guide, where every product promises to elevate your experience. From soothing tinctures to indulgent edibles, discover a range of premium CBD-infused treats perfect for celebrating 420 in style. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, relief, or just looking to unwind, our selection has something for everyone. Elevate your senses and embrace the natural benefits of CBD this 420 with our handpicked collection.


    Pungent Greens

    The Brand: We strive to bring you the best quality CBD Products on  the market. We have a variety of products, including  Gummies, Tincture, Flower, and Creams. Our CBD  products offer the aromatic qualities of greens, providing  a holistic approach to wellness.  

    The Product: Experience the soothing power of CBD Flower – your go-to solution for ultimate relaxation. Say goodbye to stress and discomfort as you unwind effortlessly. Whether it’s easing pain or finding tranquility, CBD Flower has got you covered. Embrace the natural remedy that puts your body at ease and elevates your well-being to new heights!

    Gift Here: Pungent Greens


    Gum Eaze

    The Brand: Gumeaze is the epitome of agility and quality in the cannabinoid industry, offering seamless solution for brands and consumers to access premium, pre-made CBD, CBN, and Delta 9 gummies at their convenience.  Gumeaze embodies innovation, efficiency and commitment to delivering gourmet gummies at wholesale pricing, shipped right to your door.

    The Product: Gumeaze creates gourmet gummy products that are vegan, pectin based using only natural colors and flavors infused with your favorite cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and Delta 9.  With a variety of flavors to choose from and bulk packaging in 100ct – 500ct bags, Gumeaze is ideal for consumers looking to save money or brands wanting a low MOQ to serve their customers!

    Gift here: Gum Eaze



    The Brand: Artisan CBD Manufacturer & Brand (We make our own). Providing the perfect entourage effect of cannabinoids to help enhance your life. The perfect dose means the perfect flow. Enhance you’r day by removing anxiety. Get better sleep. Sometimes it’s okay to go to the moon. We hope we can help you enhance your flow and you’r life. We are master formulators and manufacturers using the best ingredients. All our proprietary formulations have gone through rigorous R&D that have been proven. Once you look at the details of our products, you will notice we are different.

    The Product: Functional Gourmet. Enjoy the taste with a unique blend of cannabinoids & terpenes to create an entourage effect like no other.

    Gift Here: Wunderkind


    Aspen Green

    The Brand: Aspen Green represents the culmination of two kindred families brought together by a shared passion: providing natural, healthy solutions for individuals’ well-being. Over two decades, their adoration for the unspoiled beauty of the Colorado Rockies, belief in natural remedies, and proficiency in clean cosmetics have propelled their journey. Through Aspen Green, they offer holistic wellness solutions, embodying their commitment to natural, wholesome living.

    The Product: Their NEW Physician Formulated Rouse Organic Full Spectrum Intimacy Oil, infused with CBD + CBDV and THC + THCV, is designed to enhance pleasurable experiences and sensitivity during intimate female moments. This product is especially tailored for individuals who do not experience occasional dryness.

    Gift Here: Aspen Green


    Kentucky Hemp Works

    The Brand: Kentucky Hemp Works stands at the forefront of offering locally-grown, handcrafted hemp products for health and wellness. The company’s journey began with a vision centered on healing bodies and minds through hemp, as well as supplying raw materials to support others’ aspirations. Starting with hemp cultivated in Christian County, KY, they undertake in-house processing and manufacture products on-site. It’s a genuine farm-to-table initiative where hemp is grown, processed, and manufactured on the very same farm.

    The Product: This salve is made from a simple recipe using hemp roots, hemp seed oil, beeswax and essential oils. Hemp roots have historically been used for inflammation, especially arthritis pain. It can be applied topically for relief of anything that “hurts, burns or itches”. You won’t need much to get the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of the hemp root.

    Gift Here: Kentucky Hemp Works


    Fusion CBD

    The Brand: Fusion CBD Products isn’t merely a CBD brand; it embodies a lifestyle. As an online retailer and wholesaler of functional, all-natural CBD products, it has expanded its offerings from CBD oil to encompass a diverse array of items such as topicals, gummies, capsules, and rubs. Within its brand, it has introduced specialized lines like Wiggles & Paws pet products, His & Her Intimacy products, and Ella and Savage non-CBD skincare for both women and men. These products defy the conventional expectations of CBD goods, catering specifically to high-intensity athletes and individuals leading active lifestyles.

    The Product: Organic CBD oil that is as close as possible to full spectrum, but without the THC (which gets removed through a specialized filtration process). A great option for coffee or a smoothie because of its french vanilla flavor and all the broad spectrum CBD benefits.

    Gift Here: Fusion CBD


    Wildflower Hemp Co

    The Brand: Wildflower is more than just a business; it’s a small family endeavor driven by an unwavering passion for organic production. Nestled within their operations is a profound dedication to cultivating products infused with love and intention, each designed to bring a smile to customers’ faces. As a family-owned enterprise, they hold a deep appreciation for their customers and the community they serve. Every seed planted, every harvest reaped, and every product crafted is imbued with this gratitude and care. From their family to yours, they invite individuals to experience the Wildflower difference—a journey rooted in authenticity, nurtured by nature, and shared with genuine appreciation.

    The Product: Exotic flower, concentrates and cartridges shipped directly to your door. Experience the best, with Wildflower Hemp Co. 

    Gift Here: Wildflower Hemp Co


    Lazarus Naturals

    The Brand: Lazarus Naturals was founded on the belief that CBD has a positive impact on our quality of life, and should be available to everyone regardless of their circumstances. Their mission has always been to make products that improve people’s lives as well as the world around us by operating in a fair, equitable and environmentally sustainable manner. Lazarus Naturals From their farm in Central Oregon to your front door (aside from the delivery truck). That’s how we can consistently deliver effective products of the highest quality at a lower cost.

    The Product: Passion Fruit CBD + THC Gummies are infused with full spectrum CBD and all-natural fruit flavor, with 50mg of high potency CBD and 2mg of THC packed into each gummy. The benefits from the CBD you know and trust receive a boost thanks to the entourage effect—scientifically shown to be even more effective as the cannabinoids (like THC) and terpenes naturally found within hemp work better together. These Gummies provide a fruit-forward, familiar format crafted to soften the edges of demanding days with elevated support.

    Gift Here: Lazarus Naturals


    Rove Remedies

    The Brand: Rove was born at the intersection of art and science. Our team of long time industry enthusiasts, boasting a combined wealth of experience in cultivation, extraction and laboratory science, joined together with a mission to produce better, tastier, more honest cannabis products.

    The Product: Experience the ultimate relaxation with our ROVE Remedies sleep line! Infused with 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 10 mg of CBN per serving, our handcrafted, berry-flavored treats are the perfect addition to your nightly routine. Plus, we’ve combined Chamomile and CBN to create the perfect Sleep Drops. Together, they provide a well-rounded experience of relaxation and sleep! Don’t let sleepless nights hold you back. Try our Sleep CBD Gummies and Sleep Tincture today and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

    Gift Here: Rove Remedies



    The Brand: At JAXON, they’re all about turning good days into great ones. From premium CBD Flower to Delta-8, their products are there to boost vibes and elevate everyday moments – because life’s better with JAXON!

    The Product: Introducing their new 2023 Delta-8 Bubba Kush Flower! These nugs are coated in frosty trichomes, delivering a sticky texture both inside and out. The vibrant colors range from forest to lime green, adorned with bright orange hairs. Prepare your senses for a complex aroma featuring notes of gas, diesel, pepper, pine, kush, earth, and subtle citrus undertones. As individuals savor the smoke, they can delight in the harmonious flavor profile of kush, earth, diesel, hints of citrus, and a peppery finish. Experience premium quality and exceptional flavor with Bubba Kush Delta-8 Flower.

    Gift Here: Jaxon


    Windmill Farm


    The Brand: Hello from Missouri. Cannabis and Missouri don’t tend to go in the same sentence, but lucky for us they do. We are a third-generation family Cannabis farm in Southwest Missouri. Specializing in high CBD content flower, our product is permitted and classified as Hemp due to our <.3% Delta9 THC levels. With 20 years of Cannabis Industry experience from the woods in California to the commercial indoors of Colorado, this 35-year-old family farm in Missouri provides a lush environment for amazing growth. Also with it being in the family, we know what has been used on the land. We use native soil naturally amended with a secret family recipe with a modern twist. Indoors we are a fan of Aurora Innovation for soil and feed both indoor and outdoor organic Terp Teas. Our goal is to provide a high-quality product by using high-quality natural ingredients and clean practices to make a better flower instead of bulk to provide you a better number.

    The Product: Windmill Farm offers a delightful surprise with three random 1/8ths of premium CBD flower, expertly curated and packaged in Grove Bags with Terploc technology for freshness. With each order, expect a bonus sticker or sample, making every purchase a flavorful and enjoyable experience. Enjoy the finest quality CBD with Windmill Farm’s offerings.

    Gift Here: Windmill Farm


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