Cbd Combo Dabs!!!!!

We have some fresh CBD extracts to look at and dab from Empire Extracts! We have some Live Resin Wax plus Tangie and Jack Here! The Tangie smells super citrus and the Jack also has a lemon smell. The color of the crystals of the Jack always make me take a second look because when the terpenes get added back into the crystals they change to a beautiful golden color you can clearly see the difference from the Tangie. We start it off with a trifecta combo of all the new flavors. Next we attempt a meltshot off the puck with the new camera and it is very low temp so there is not much action except a beautiful clear puddle! So we fire up the cheech glass with a double banger and go in for real! The ending got cut off but you already know! Enjoy!!!

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