Australian cannabis! Different grades of weed!

Hey guys just a video with no offense intended, just a video explaining the difference between qualities of cannabis in australia.
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How To Trim Marijuana Plants! – Trimming Weed

In this video, I show you how to trim marijuana plants - trimming weed.
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Michael Rapaport Pt. 3 – The Smokebox | BREALTV

B-Real brakes down the making of "Kill A Man" and concludes his 3 part interview with actor and director, Michael Rapaport.
18 hours ago 11243

New Friends in Strange Places: F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS

Driven by a need for freshest salmon, most grass-fed lamb, and legal weed, Action makes a pit-stop in the Pacific Northwest en route to a concert in V...
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Comedians Smoke Dabs ‘For the First Time

Comedians Kanisha Buss and DoBoy, along with the help of Slink Johnson, smoke dabs "For the First Time." See how high they get in this week's For the ...
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The Worlds Biggest Backwood

Mendo Dope rolls up a 45 paper Backwood blunt with 125 grams of Vanilla Kush and 12 grams of White Fire rosin, the biggest Backwood ever rolled.
2 days ago 11564

4 Foot Bong Hits!!!!!!!

We out here at Seattle hempfest 2017, for Green Collar Media, and we have a huge bong to smoke out of! This thing is a beast to milk up and clear! Lon...
2 days ago 12760

Proving and Disproving Myths About Weed With Experiments – STONED

Weed is currently the most popular recreational drug in the UK, and nearly half of the country wants it legalised.
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The Highest I’ve Ever Been

Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Daily Uploads everyday at 420 pm PST set your notifications to never miss a video. Let us know what strain ...
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Behind the Scenes of Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott’s “BAKE SALE” Music Video

Behind the Scenes of Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott's "BAKE SALE" Music Video
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