How To

Roll The Perfect Joint

  There are a bunch of different ways on how to roll the perfect joint and the most obvious method is using a rolling machine; there are a few different ones ranging from automatic to[…]

Best Blunt Wraps

Cutting open a cigar and filling it with some sticky cannabis is an all-time favorite technique for getting high. Cigars have been around since the 1500’s, by the 1600’s they were smoking fat filled cigars.[…]

How to Make CannaButter

A lot of people prefer not to make their own cannabutter because they’ve heard how difficult it is to make, but a lot of people who have made their own cannabutter can turn almost anything[…]

Clean Your Bong

Many people believe that cleaning their pipe or bong is extremely difficult and might need a special soap to reach its maximum cleanliness, but they’re wrong. In fact, it’s so easy to clean your bong[…]

Become a Budtender

Becoming a budtender can either be really simple or really difficult depending on where it is you live. Each state has different laws regarding cannabis employment, so always look into that before starting. There are[…]