How To Make Cannabis Infused Chocolate Truffles

Learn How To Make Cannabis Infused Chocolate Truffles with Marijuana Ganache today on Cannabasics #81 Chocoley chocolate
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Letting Your Clients Judge Marijuana by Its Cover

With marijuana being legal in several states, many people can access edibles for medical and recreational purposes. While the drug has been largel...
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There’s a Slice for Everyone in the Edibles Market

Many people are very conscious about what they eat for health or personal reasons. Exploiting this opportunity, the marijuana edibles market has g...
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How To Make Extremely Potent Cannabutter/ Canna-oil (Using a 2-Stage Infusion): Cannabasics #71

Learn how to make very Potent Cannabutter or Canna-oil using a 2-Stage butter Infusion today on Cannabasics. $30 off with code RUFFHOUSE
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Recent Marijuana Legislation & Laws That are Changing the Playing Field

According to ArcView Market Research, in 2015, legal cannabis in the U.S. hit $5.4 billion. Analysts estimate that infused products and edibles ma...
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Consuming Edibles Responsibly: A Quick Guide to new Stoners

Many people prefer eating cannabis-infused edibles to smoking a joint because it’s healthier. It is also a convenient way for non-smokers to consu...
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Are You Missing Out On Making Stronger Brownies?

Many of us dream of making edibles in our own home, but hesitate to take the plunge.  Weed doesn’t come cheap and putting a quarter ounce into an ...
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Edibles: How Not To Overdose

For the new consumers entering the legal pot market, the idea of buying not only unfamiliar plant matter, but also intimidating tools that are typ...
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Make Edibles With Already Vaped Weed

Everyone likes it when they get more than what they paid for, more so if they paid a lot for it. On this note, did you know that vaped weed could be...
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How To Calculate THC Dosage In Edibles

THC edibles are awesome. But one must be careful regarding the dosage though, as too much THC in food items can lead to an ‘overdose’ that will ke...
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